henry crill

Henry Krill (aka One)

Henry Creel (or One), known for his psychokinetic abilities to murder his family using psychokinetic weapons. Eleven tells him he became Subject 001 at Dr. Brenner’s lab where they implanted a chip in him to suppress these powers.

Early Life and Education

Henry Krill was raised on a farm in Ogle County, Illinois by his parents Henry and Betsy Brooks Krill from New York state.

Henry was quick to find work following graduation, auditing businesses for Robinson Business Forms while traveling his sales district and building lasting relationships with clients.

Danatta later joined him, and together they created a firm foundation for their family. Serving their church, community and neighbors whenever necessary; vacationing every year at Mexico Beach.

Henry can use telekinetic manipulation of matter to manipulate light materials like animal bones or grandfather clock hands, at first only being capable of controlling lightweight materials like these. Now he has developed his skills so he is capable of controlling even heavier items, such as full grown adults and steel doors.

Professional Career

Krill has made quite an impactful mark with audiences by consistently giving impressive performances despite appearing in mostly forgettable movies, like Lethal Weapon (1987) where he played an assassin trying to kill LA cops Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Sparky was also featured in the off-Broadway hit musical Forever Plaid as Sparky. Additionally, he has made numerous performances throughout Chicago’s theater district such as those at Marriott Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre and Court Theater.

Stranger Things introduces viewers to Henry Creel/Number One, an intimidating orderly who wins Eleven’s trust by offering assistance in fleeing Hawkins National Laboratory but ultimately desires nothing but to wipe out humanity – until Eleven kills him, sending him into the Upside Down, where his body becomes Vecna.

Achievement and Honors

He enjoyed fishing, golfing, annual beach trips and reviewing daily stock reports; but his passion lay with Danatta Merryday. They provided support to anyone in need.

He was also a tin peddler who frequently traveled through the Southern States. Among many other places of interest he visited Mt. Vernon.

He has received various honors and awards, such as:

Personal Life

Growing up with his parents and sister, he made his acting debut as Henry Hart on Stranger Things; since then he has made guest appearances in several other Nickelodeon series such as Chapa’s Crush and Return of the Kid.

He’s an admirer of spiders, seeing himself in their “superbly adapted killing machines.” He considers humans to be like flies without predators to keep their numbers under control – it is his destiny to become Earth’s top predator and bring down humanity’s numbers.

He served in George Washington’s army until its conclusion, then settled in Herkimer County as a farmer, miller, and justice of the peace. It is widely suspected that he murdered his second wife in 1879 – although this has never been proven conclusively.

Net Worth

Stranger Things is offering the Creel House from its hit Netflix show for sale for an eye-watering Rs 12 crore! Don’t get your hopes up: this home won’t come cheap.

Henry Luce is an award-winning actor known for his roles in Stranger Things and The First Lady TV shows as Young James Roosevelt (portrayed by Jaden Willard), while also portraying Kid Jimmy (Jimmy Cordero). Henry will soon make an appearance as Kid Jimmy (played by Henry Cordero) in 2022’s Moon Manor film.

He maintains a YouTube channel where he posts various kinds of videos, such as vlogs and stunt videos. Once uploaded a video featuring himself setting himself ablaze as part of his stunt training regimen. Due to the demands of his career, his family currently divides their time between France and Los Angeles.

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