Henry Connelly

Henry Connelly

Henry Connelly was an influential 19th-century American politician. From 1861-1866 he served as governor of New Mexico Territory. An ardent supporter of the Santa Fe Trail and instrumental in Kearny’s bloodless capture of Santa Fe by helping clear its way.

Recent scholarship has uncovered three signed pieces by Robert McGuffin, a journeyman in Connelly’s shop. These discoveries significantly expand the work known from this important shop.

Early Life and Education

Henry Connelly was born in Spencer County, Kentucky. After receiving his medical degree from Transylvania University in Lexington, he practiced medicine and managed a store in Liberty Missouri between 1820-1824 before moving to Chihuahua Mexico in 1828 and continuing making business journeys between Missouri and New Orleans until 1848.

He played an essential role in negotiations in Santa Fe between local leaders and the United States government that laid the foundation for their territory’s annexation into the Union, and built up one of New Mexico’s largest trading businesses.

Connelly became well-recognized for his coverage of crime in Florida newspapers Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale. His work earned critical acclaim, with its focus on ordinary citizens rather than celebrities or high society stories.

Professional Career

Henry Connelly has extensive communications strategy experience serving as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s top aide for over ten years. At Precision Strategies, Henry brings this valuable insight to bear on behalf of clients by understanding Congress, national media and outside stakeholders – helping clients realize their goals both inside and outside of Washington.

Henry was born in Spencer County, Kentucky in 1800 and earned a medical degree from Transylvania University in 1828. Following some time practicing medicine and operating a store in Liberty Clay County Missouri he decided to join a trading caravan bound for Chihuahua Mexico and abandon both businesses and medical practice for good.

Henry was instrumental in orchestrating the bloodless capture of Santa Fe during the Mexican-American War, and led efforts to construct New Mexico’s first transcontinental railroad. Tragically, he died from an opium overdose shortly thereafter in 1866.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Connelly served as Governor of New Mexico from 1861 to August 12, 1866 and was active in numerous patriotic movements to secure America’s independence, participating in battles such as Cowpens, Charlotte and Guilford Courthouse during the Revolutionary War as part of his militia unit.

His reputation was recognized with high-profile assignments. In 1903, he was chosen as the only American League umpire to work the inaugural modern-era World Series; later that Fall he would call balls and strikes in eight more Fall Classics at Comiskey Park, Shibe Park and Fenway Park respectively.

Later in his career, he served as senior spokesman for Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. Among other tasks, he drafted major ceremonial speeches and live broadcast prime-time addresses including House Democratic responses to President Trump’s Oval Office addresses during government shutdowns.

Personal Life

Henry Connelly is an ace strategist who has guided Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her teams through some of the toughest battles and brightest spotlights of recent memory. At Precision, Henry leverages his deep understanding of Congress, the national press, and outside stakeholders to assist clients with meeting their goals in Washington and beyond.

Henry Connelly was born in Spencer County, Kentucky in 1800. Upon obtaining a degree in medicine he practiced medicine in Liberty Missouri until 1828 before traveling southwards and starting a trading caravan for Santa Fe at Chihuahua. Here he met and married a Mexican woman before amassing the largest trading operation before its annexation by the US government – acting also as an intermediary between local leaders and Washington authorities.

Net Worth

Henry Connelly is an experienced communications strategist and former top aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Leveraging his profound understanding of how Congress, national press, and outside stakeholders interact, Henry provides clients with guidance to navigate turbulent political, policy, and media landscapes in Washington and beyond to meet their goals and realize success in reaching them.

He stands 5 feet 10 inches and weighs in at 74kg, having Norwegian, German and English Canadian ancestry. He has written 36 novels and one nonfiction book which together have sold over 80 million copies worldwide and been translated into 45 different languages; moreover he wrote the HBO series Bosch featuring Titus Welliver as Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch; it will return for a second season in 2022.

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