Henry Darwin

Henry Darwin Joins EPA As EPA Chief of Operations

Before joining EPA, Darwin served as Chief of Operations for the State of Arizona where he led deployment of state government’s inaugural lean management system. He holds both an undergraduate degree in engineering hydrology as well as a law degree from Lewis & Clark College’s Northwestern School of Law.

Early Life and Education

Henry Darwin was born in Perryville, NY, into a family which was familiar with religious, political and economic division. His Presbyterian ancestors had championed liberal doctrinal reform as they championed causes for liberty.

John worked as a structural geologist, conducting studies on Pennsylvanian geology and mountain building theories. Additionally, he researched fossils before creating an evolutionary model based on natural selection for species evolution.

Darwin studied specimens from South America and the Pacific Islands when he returned from his voyage aboard HMS Beagle, and used his findings to formulate an evolutionary theory based on natural selection that ran counter to popular views held by other naturalists at that time. This theory became known as social Darwinism and has since been used as justification for imperialism, laissez faire capitalism, labor abuses, poverty, racism, eugenics and more.

Professional Career

Peoria City Council appointed Henry Darwin as its new city manager last November, replacing Jeff Tyne and deputy city managers Erik Strunk and Andrew Granger. Darwin holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering hydrology from the University of Arizona as well as a Juris Doctorate degree from Lewis & Clark College’s Northwestern School of Law.

Erich became one of the founding members of the Association of American Geologists, working on two of the earliest state geological surveys in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through field observations he developed what is considered today to be an entirely American theory of mountain building.

Omphalos: An Attempt to Untie the Geological Knot is considered his magnum opus and many consider him one of the world’s premier educators. While he made many friends through teaching, many consider him more of a private individual who preferred staying home during holidays than socializing with others.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Darwin was an environmental attorney and shareholder at Gallagher & Kennedy who served as Arizona’s chief operating officer, overseeing all 35 state agencies. An early proponent of lean principles in government, Henry was also known for introducing them in Arizona state government operations.

Huxley became an enthusiastic proponent of evolution, writing and lecturing extensively about it. He tirelessly advocated Darwin’s theory and is widely credited with increasing acceptance of it – earning him the moniker “Darwin’s Bulldog”.

Geology was another field he made significant contributions to. His study of slaty cleavage and its relation to folding greatly strengthened understandings about mountain formation forces, demonstrated volcanic eruptions can cause earthquakes, and earned numerous honors and awards for his efforts.

Personal Life

Henry Darwin, formerly an Arizona state official, joined the EPA as its Chief of Operations last year and set up its inaugural intentional management system based on lean principles.

He was an enthusiastic proponent of Darwinian evolution theory. In his lectures to working men’s audiences and popular magazines he presented lively summaries of Darwin’s work and made strong arguments that humans share many characteristics with great apes.

An avid admirer of Darwin, he once helped him out of financial difficulties. Additionally, he met members of his family as well as their circle of friends–such as famed anthropologist Richard Owen–and they corresponded frequently.

Net Worth

Henry Darwin was once deputy administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and is widely known for his devotion to family and sports, regularly attending Galena Park football and basketball games, the Houston Rockets Men’s and Women’s basketball, Baylor Men’s and Women’s basketball as well as watching Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s Sunday Morning Services.

He is an avid reader and talented cook, possessing multiple cookbooks. When entertaining, he enjoys playing cards, dominoes, checkers and listening to music on the piano.

Henry Darwin prefers not to reveal information on his personal life and is currently dating an anonymous woman. Additionally, Henry owns Fenway Sports Group which controls Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC teams; Forbes ranks him number 35 on their 400 list of America’s wealthiest people.

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