How a father should be?

How a father should be?

What a father needs to be first and foremost is realistic in his self-assessment. Children do not want a high-flyer for their father, they want an authentic and loving person who can show their feelings, give and receive love.

What should I do if the child wants to go to the father?

The child should always be certain that they can reverse their decision without parental reproaches. It may also help the child to spend more time with their father. Fathers should always make their child feel that they are not a visitor to the new family.

When can a child decide whether it wants to be with a father?

The law says: Against the will of the parents or one of the parents, a child can only decide for itself where it wants to live when it has reached the age of 18.

When can a child decide for itself whether it wants to be with a father?

From a legal point of view, the situation is supposedly clear: children can only make their own decisions about contact once they have reached the age of 18. Only then is the child’s will decisive in the right of access. Age does matter, though.

Am I obliged to bring the child to the father?

If the parents are separated, they must arrange contact rights in the interests of their children. He is also obliged to pick up and return the children. This also applies to joint parental custody.

What if the child doesn’t want to go to the father?

If a child refuses contact with the father, the worst that can happen is that the child has experienced physical or psychological violence there. Sometimes, however, the father is portrayed as a bad guy and the child does not want to expose himself to possible danger in the first place. The child is afraid of the father.

Who decides where the children live?

The family court grants one parent the sole right to determine the place of residence if the best interests of the child so require. The decision is made as part of a major child welfare check, ie the decision is made solely based on the child’s welfare and not on the interests of the parents.

When are children allowed to decide who they want to live with?

From the age of 14, the children basically decide for themselves who they want to live with. Only if the court clearly sees this will in conflict with the needs of the child will it decide otherwise, since it is not bound by the child’s will.

Can 14 year olds decide where to stay?

If your husband objects to the child’s stay with you and there is a need for urgency, you should apply to the family court for a temporary injunction so that you should have the right to determine the place of residence. year of life and the child can then determine its own whereabouts.

What can you decide for yourself at 14?

Sweet 14! What can you do when you are 14?Sex can be an issue from the age of 14.You can get a prescription for the pill.Open your own account.Go on holiday alone – no problem from the age of 14.From the age of 14 you decide your religion.You can get pierced. That’s how long you can stay out at 14. Party from 14 – only with mum or dad.

Can 16 year olds decide where to stay?

A minor child can neither establish nor revoke their own place of residence without the will of their parents, § 8 BGB. However, if the parents give their OK, there is nothing legally standing in the way of a vacation trip abroad, even at the age of 16 or 17.

Can 12 year olds decide where to stay?

However, there is no limit in access rights that answers the question “From when can a child decide for themselves?”. In general, courts in family law assume that the child’s will is significant and should carry weight accordingly from the age of about 12 years onwards.

Can the youth welfare office take my children away from me?

In serious cases, the state can take children out of the family – although the youth welfare office can only do this temporarily as part of a so-called taking into care. This must then be confirmed at short notice by a family court.

How quickly does the youth welfare office take the children away?

The youth welfare office takes the child away if the child is endangered and the parents do not let themselves be helped. Because of a little dust and screaming, they don’t pick up the kid. Unfortunately, in some cases the youth welfare office reacts too late or not at all, which is much worse. There is no legal position.

When can the youth welfare office enter the apartment?

Home visits are always carried out by the youth welfare office if they see the well-being of a child or young person at risk. There can be various reasons for this. Absence from school or finding a neglected child are such possible reasons.

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