How can you write a travelogue?

How can you write a travelogue?

The travelogue – This is how it works! Answer the W-questions. Write briefly and objectively. Observe the correct chronological order. Avoid verbatim speech. Write in the past tense and in the case of prematurity in the past perfect. Avoid unimportant information.

What should be in a travel guide?

A travel guide is primarily about clearly presented but mostly factual information. Of course, you can surprise and inspire your readers with a few little anecdotes, but don’t overdo it with the personal details.

How do I make a travel blog?

Designing your own online travel diary – made easy Choose a name for your travel blog that suits you and your style. Register and secure your own domain. Pick a design template, font, and colors that you like. Activate your travel blog and create an article.

How do you write a travel blog?

How to write good content? Choose a meaningful headline. If possible, write over 800 words – longer tends to be better, but it is important that you focus on the needs of the user. Use subheadings to structure your text.

How do I write a blog entry?

Write an interesting headline for blog posts that are worth reading. Keep the promise you make. Build in pictures. Think about the layout. Speak the language of your readers. Structure your texts. Bring examples and experiences.

How can I create a blog?

8 steps to create a blog. Choosing a blog platform. Choosing the right theme. Finding a blog name and domain. Finding hosting. Installing WordPress. Configuring WordPress correctly. Finding a WordPress theme.

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