How do I apply correctly to the Bundeswehr?

How do I apply correctly to the Bundeswehr?

Application for the Bundeswehr: The military career application form, additional questionnaire, consent to data storage, tabular curriculum vitae with date and signature, birth certificate or an extract from the family register.

How do you write an application for a new school?

Your name, address, telephone number, date and email address should be included in the cover letter. Make sure you have the correct full address of the company or school to which you are applying, possibly the name and designation of the contact person or the responsible department.

What does a letter of motivation for an application look like?

Formally, the letter of motivation – like the cover letter in the application – contains a letterhead (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), date (right-justified), heading, introduction, main part, conclusion, greeting and signature. However, you can do without the recipient address in the letter of motivation.

What should be in a letter of motivation?

The following content should not be missing in your letter of motivation: Technical competencies (hard skills) Personal strengths (soft skills) Identification with the potential employer, professional and private goals, relevant experience and skills, social commitment.

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