How do I define something?

How do I define something?

The word term is used to address the meaning of a designation or idea. A concept forms a semantic unit that is part of a proposition or a thought.

What must be in a definition?

A definition therefore includes the essential characteristics, the naming of the superordinate genus, and the delimiting differences to the other terms below the same genus. The genus dominates, orders and determines the concept.

How do I write a good definition?

How do I write a definition? First do a clustering or a mind map. Clarify which elements really belong to the concept and which do not. Only include known words in the definition (never the word to be defined). Write clearly. Keep it as short as possible .

What is a company wiki?

An enterprise wiki (also corporate wiki, company wiki, company wiki or organization wiki) is a wiki that offers typical functionalities that are necessary for company applications. Enterprise wikis are an essential building block in the overall context of Enterprise 2.0.

What is a wiki system?

A wiki, also called WikiWiki and WikiWeb, is a collection of pages available on the World Wide Web that users can not only read but also edit online. Wikis are similar to content management systems. The name comes from wikiwiki, the Hawaiian word for “fast”.

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