How do I get a publisher for my book?

How do I get a publisher for my book?

If you want to look for a publisher for your book and want to take advantage of all opportunities, you should first submit your book to the agencies. Because agencies don’t take a manuscript that has already been rejected by a number of publishers.

Where can I sell my old books?

You can sell most of your old books in packages on Momox and Rebuy. Both websites offer an app with which you can scan the iSBN code and then display the respective sales value.

Where can I sell books online?

Where can you sell used books? Bonavendi’s book sales homepage is the first port of call for used book sales on the Internet. The Bonavendi price comparison offers you the best opportunity to sell used books online.

Who buys books for flea market?

First of all, of course, the classic ways come to mind. Ways in which you sometimes buy used books yourself: Flea market, the second-hand bookshop and ebay, i.e. buying books online… .Selling used books at the best price (who pays more?):

Who buys old books without an ISBN?

Unfortunately, there is currently no purchase portal that enables books to be sold quickly and easily without an ISBN number. Therefore, there is currently only the alternative to sales platforms or auction houses in order to sell your books at a profit.

Where can I sell used school books?

If you want to sell used school books, you can do this quickly and easily at momox at a fixed price. Simply enter the ISBN or scan the barcode with the momox app and check the price – if everything fits, you can send the textbook for free with a total value of 10 euros or more.

How do I sell books on reBuy?

reBuy: Sell used books quickly You can download the app onto your mobile phone or use the reBuy website. After entering the ISBN number, your book will appear – or not. If reBuy is currently buying your book, a price will be displayed.

How do I sell books on Amazon?

Instructions: Selling books on Amazon First, open the Amazon sales page. Enter the title or the ISBN or EAN number of the book and click on “Search”. Select the book you are looking for in the list and click on the “Sell this item” button on the right.

How does rebuy books work?

Without a doubt: Anyone who sells their books via Rebuy makes it easy for themselves. You sort out your old books, scan them in via the app and send the package to Rebuy. After a short check, you will receive the money in your account. As soon as you scan the book, you know the price and you will get it for sure.

Where can I sell children’s books?

If you want to sell children’s books, you can do so at the flea market or on well-known online platforms. However, this takes a lot of patience and often has to negotiate with buyers to get a good price, take photos for online sales and describe the items.

Where can you best sell?

Selling used items Sellers on Ebay and Amazon have a good chance of a high selling price. Both platforms charge a commission from 10 percent of the sales price. Private individuals sell for free on classifieds sites such as Ebay-classifieds and Quoka. Professional buyers pay even less for used items.

Where can I sell books and CDs?

Selling CDs is quick and easy at If you have pieces in your collection that you no longer need, you can sell CDs to us, such as the Peter Fox – Stadtaffe CD. We are also happy to accept your DVD and video game collection.

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