How do I get channels on my TV?

How do I get channels on my TV?

To start the channel search, go to the TV menu and select “Automatic channel search” under “Channels” or “Broadcast reception”. The TV reception should be checked for the correct input channel, such as “cable”, “satellite”, “DVB-T” etc. beforehand.

What to do if cable TV doesn’t work?

If you no longer have reception, the cable connection is often to blame. First check the connection from the TV socket to your TV. In addition, you should check whether the cable has any external damage. If you find a damaged cable, replace it.

What do I have to do to receive cable TV?

If you still want to receive stations via the cable connection, you can either use a receiver for the digital radio via cable between the connection socket and your radio. You must ensure that your radio has a connection via which it can receive the signal from the receiver.

What does no signal mean on cable TV?

In the event that your TV set or your Blu-Ray™ recorder displays the message “No signal” or “No station available” after calling up a station, your cable network operator may have changed the channel. The stations can then no longer be received on the usual program slots.

What does no CI module mean?

A smart card is pushed into the CI module, just like with a receiver, for example the Sky receiver. The message “No CI module” can also be displayed on the TV screen if the module is inserted but the card required for unlocking is not inserted in the module or is inserted incorrectly.

How much does a CI module cost?

5.1. What do CI modules cost? There are particularly cheap CI modules for about 40 euros, but they usually only work in conjunction with selected smart cards. More versatile modules quickly add up to 80 to 100 euros, but can also be used more flexibly.

How do I install a CI module?

Installing the CI(Plus) module Smart card plug into the CI(+) module. First you need to carefully insert your smart card into the CI(+) module. turn off the TV. So that your television or receiver can insert the smart card or CI (plus) module. Turn on a device. Start authentication.

What is the CI module?

CI+ modules are credit card-sized plug-in cards that fit into the CI+ slot of modern televisions. These modules in turn accept a smart card. The combination of TV set, CI+ slot, CI+ module and smart card is used to receive encrypted TV and radio stations.

What is a CI Module Samsung?

So that you can do without an external receiver, your Samsung TV is equipped with a Common Interface (CI) or Common Interface Plus (CI+) port. In contrast to a CI module, private HD channels can also be received with a CI Plus module.

How does the card get into the CI module?

For example, the chip on the card belongs in the back end of the module. If you are standing in front of the television, the CI+ module is inserted on the right side. Turn the module so the label is facing you and upside down. The opening of the module points to the right, away from the TV.

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