How do I quote a quote?

How do I quote a quote?

In the case of a direct quotation, the sentence must be taken over literally. Even spelling mistakes are taken over. In the case of a literal quotation in, the sentence is always in quotation marks. This approach is perfect for examples or definitions in your bachelor thesis.

How do you indicate the source of images?

Image source: You should pay attention to this You should always number your images and give them a title. The images that you use in your scientific work are listed in the list of images of your work with the title.

How do I cite sources in footnotes?

It is best to write the source information in a so-called “footnote”. To do this, place the cursor at the point where the footnote is to be inserted. Then select in the menu: Insert> Reference> Footnote.

How do I include an internet source in the footnote?

If you use the German way of quoting, you also give sources for the quotations in your text in the footnotes. This happens in a shortened form compared to the information in the bibliography. The footnote for an internet source should include the author and the date of publication.

How do you include sources in the bibliography?

The following components and the following order must be observed in a bibliography: Author / editors.Title (“Book title) Subtitle. Volume reference or edition (exception: 1st edition) Place of publication.Publisher. Year of publication.

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