How do I write a good text-only discussion?

How do I write a good text-only discussion?

Writing a text-based discussion: Instructions in 5 steps Read the text thoroughly. Develop the arguments. Take a stand (collect pro and con arguments) Write a discussion according to a three-part structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). Check with the checklist.

How do you write a text study?

You answer the questions about the text (about the content and / or the form) and substantiate your answers with the help of quotations. Questions about the content: respond to your marked passages in the text to justify your opinion. Questions about the form: name the linguistic means and the Explain meaning.

How do I write a historical argument?

The text-based discussion The following should be mentioned in the introduction: author of the text, title, date and type of text. Then briefly describe what the text is about. In the main part you go back to your thesis argumentatively and choose arguments, reasons and examples.

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