How do I write a report about my internship?

How do I write a report about my internship?

This includes your personal data such as name, address, class and school as well as information about the company, the period in which the internship took place, the total hours you worked and your area of ​​activity. The table of contents should list all of the chapters in your report.

How do you write an internship report for school?

The title of the internship, e.g. Name and address of your school, the period of your internship (start and end date) your first and last name, your address and, if applicable, the name of your class, the name and address of the company in which you did your internship, the name of the supervising employee. More entries …

How do I make an internship portfolio?

This is what the internship folder should look like Formal requirements: Your folder consists of a folder or folder and contains: a cover sheet (with title, your name, type of internship, time of internship) internship certificate (can also be omitted if this has not been issued).

What do you need for an internship portfolio?

The most important components of the internship portfolio. Cover sheet: Contains your name, the name of the educational institution and the internship company. Table of contents: Here you show the headings of the detailed daily reports including page numbers.

What kind of internship portfolio?

The best thing to do is to choose a simple, beautiful folder in which to attach your internship report. Such folders do not cost a lot of money, but they look very classy and make your work look more valuable and, above all, more professional.

What does an internship need on a cover sheet?

The cover sheet of the internship report usually contains the following information: Name of the intern, the class, the internship period, the name of the teacher / supervisor, the name of the internship company, the address of the internship company.

What is an attachment to an internship report?

The appendix Pictures, diagrams or illustrations can be inserted in order to make statements in the formulated part of the internship report more understandable or to make the content clearer. It is important that you refer to a detailed description in the appendix at the relevant point in the text.

What does the word appendix mean?

Definition: What is “Appendix”? Part of the annual financial statements for corporations (Section 264 I HGB) or the consolidated financial statements (Section 297 I HGB). The appendix contains explanations and additions to individual items in the balance sheet and income statement.

What’s in the appendix?

The notes contain explanations of the course of business and the business results, but not the position of the company. The notes only contain information on the balance sheet with explanations and additions. The appendix provides information on the expected development of the company.

What is the attachment in an email?

An e-mail attachment is a file that is attached to an e-mail so that it can be sent with it. This can then be opened and downloaded by the e-mail recipient.

What do you write in the appendix?

GrammarSingularPluralNominativethe attachmentthe attachmentsGenitiveof the attachment, attachmentthe attachmentsDativthe attachmentthe attachmentsAccusativethe attachmentthe attachments

How do I send an attachment?

Forward emails as attachments Open Gmail on the computer. Select the emails you want. Click on the three-dot menu Forward as attachments. Add recipients in the “To” field. Enter a subject, compose your message, click Send below.

How do I make a PDF attachment?

You can add, delete, or view attachments from the Attachments window. Choose Tools> Edit PDF> More> Attach File. In the Add Files dialog box, select the file you want and click Open.

How do I formulate an email with an attachment?

Good and customer-friendly wording “You will find details in the attachment to this email / on the enclosed price sheet.” “With this email you will receive …” “We have also sent a map of how to get there.” “In the last section you can read …” “Here are the requested documents.”

What do I write in the email when I apply?

The application documents for an online application by email are basically the same as for a classic application folder: cover letter or letter of motivation. CV with application picture. Testimonies.

How do you write a good email?

Step by step to a good e-mail – this is how you write e-mails correctly: Choose a meaningful subject for your e-mail. Use an appropriate greeting / salutation. First state the most important information. Communicate your content in a compact and well structured.

How do you send a PDF by email?

Send PDF documents by email Open the PDF file. On the Sharing tab, in the Email group, click Send as Attachment. An email will be created in your default email client with your PDF as an attachment. Enter a message in the body Your email and click Submit.

How do I send multiple PDF files by email?

Right click on the PDF file> Send To> Email Recipient. . . Your e-mail program will then open, e.g. B: from Thunderbird, the “Compose” window with the attached attachment. > Insert email address> Send.

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