How do I write a research question?

How do I write a research question?

Choose a research question that is open-ended and whose solution or answer can evolve during your academic writing. In summary, a scientific question should not be formulated too extensively or misleadingly, and it should be answerable, open-ended and realistic.

What can you write as a conclusion?

In your conclusion you summarize your work. You should summarize your main statements and results concisely. In the conclusion you should under no circumstances present new aspects of your topic. Also avoid quotations here, because you are presenting your own research results here!

How do you write a conclusion for a term paper?

So that you can write the conclusion of the housework, the introduction and the main part of the housework should first be finished. In the final part, the initial problem / the initial question is taken up again and answered on the basis of the content worked out in the main part.

What is the best way to end a lecture?

Five ways to end a talkTake-Home Message. A classic but strong finish: you formulate a clear and precise take-home message that summarizes the key message of your presentation. A call-to-action. To tell a story. Answering a question. An impressive picture or video.

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