How do I write a short story interpretation?

How do I write a short story interpretation?

The interpretation: the introduction Start with a summary. In the opening sentence, state the type of text, title, author, year of publication, main characters and topic of the short story. Summarize the content of the short story briefly and in the essential steps. Write in the present tense.

What is typical for short stories?

A short story is always told chronologically and linearly, so there are no leaps in time or parallel actions. The narrator usually stays in the background for the whole story and does not interfere in the plot.

Which address do you write?

Here, too, you should include your own address as well as that of the company in a cover letter. They are also an integral part, such as the subject, the date and the salutation.

Which address first when applying?

Place and date belong in the top right corner of the letter. It continues about two lines below, left-justified: The recipient is listed here, including company name, department, contact person and address. Below that, after two blank lines, is the subject – ideally in bold.

Where is Z HD in the address?

The abbreviation z. Hd. Is written directly in front of the recipient’s name. In the case of personal letters, you can leave a line above the note “personal”.

Where does handen go?

Since the addresses on letters are read by machines in the postal distribution centers, the design of address fields is specified in DIN standard 5008. It is important that the abbreviation for “for your hands” is placed directly in front of the name of the person who is to receive the letter.

What should be considered when applying?

How should the perfect cover letter be structured? So that your application documents are completely convincing, you should consider the following tips. # 1: It starts with research. # 2: The first impression counts. # 3: Find the right contact person. # 4: Make sure that all data is correct.

How do you apply to the Bundeswehr?

Application for the Bundeswehr: The military career application form, additional questionnaire, consent to data storage, tabular curriculum vitae with date and signature, birth certificate or an extract from the family register.

What should an application look like today?

The application folder must contain the cover letter, curriculum vitae and certificates. If necessary, a cover sheet can be inserted at the beginning, on which the applicant’s most important data (name, address, e-mail, telephone) can be seen in addition to the application photo.

What do I have to take with me to the counseling interview with the Bundeswehr?

You don’t have to take anything with you. This is just a consultation. If you decide to apply, the career advisor will tell you what you need. As far as I know, you don’t have to take anything with you.

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