How do I write after bullets?

How do I write after bullets?

Since bullet points are treated like normal lists as a supplement to a sentence, they end with a comma. After the last key point there is a sentence point. However, the comma is omitted if you connect individual (usually the last two) key points with or, and or and.

How do you write lists correctly?

The starting point are the basic rules for punctuation in lists: Equal (subordinate) sub-clauses, groups of words or words are separated from each other with commas… .1. Listed as part of a sentence: summer dresses, light jackets and colorful accessories.

Where can I find bullets in Word?

To create a bulleted list, on the Home tab, click the arrow to the right of the Bullets icon. Select the character you want.

What is an indent bulleted list?

The bullet is used to structure a list. It is followed by a space: You should use a fixed space with justified justification, otherwise the list will get out of order: Finally, there is the ellipsis.

What is a list in German?

General. In a list, the comma separates individual words, groups of words or parts of sentences. If the terms are connected by co-ordinating conjunctions, no comma is used.

What is a bulleted list?

1) Mention of a number / quantity of objects piece by piece. Origin of the term: Deriving from the stem of the verb enumerate through conversion.

What is the list as a stylistic device?

The asyndeton is a stylistic device of rhetoric that we encounter in texts of all kinds and literary genres. The asyndeton is an enumeration (cf. enumeratio) of at least three words or parts of a sentence that are equated and not connected by a conjunction (connecting word).

What is the effect of a list?

The use of lists can be very absolute. That is, it gives the impression that everything has been said. The enumeratio has a complementary, complete or comprehensive effect and gives the impression that everything has been said.

What do we understand by word groups?

Definition. A word group consists of several words, one of which forms the core, or a core that can be expanded. The expansion of a phrase is often associated with direction and congruence.

What kind of phrases are there?

Therefore, today I would like to explain the six most important groups of words in German. The verb is matched to the subject of a sentence. Noun. In the German language, we recognize a noun by the fact that it has a gender and its first letter is capitalized. Pronoun. Adjective. Preposition. Adverb.

What are word groups with prepositions?

Prepositions are short and changeable words like before, behind, with, after, with, since, to. They introduce groups of words and, in contrast to conjunctions, require a specific case: in front of the theater.

What is an example phrase?

They need other words when they want to express something meaningful. So they team up and form groups of words. The example words mentioned can therefore come together. Then we have the following options: “House drinks nicely”; “Have a nice drink at home”; “Nice drinks house”; “House drinks nicely”.

What are the clauses?

In German, parts of a sentence are all parts of a complete sentence. A clause can consist of one or more words. You can recognize it by the fact that the sentence remains grammatically correct if you were to rearrange the parts of the sentence.

What are Wikipedia groups of words?

Word · grup · pe, plural: word · grup · pen. [1] Linguistics: sequence of words (smaller than a sentence) that are syntactically related.

Is a noun a part of speech?

In grammar, a noun is a part of speech that, together with the verb, results in the most fundamental distinction in the area of ​​parts of speech.

Are countries also nouns?

Collective names (generic terms) belong to the nouns: Germany, France and Italy belong to the generic term countries. Apple, pear and strawberry belong to the collective name of fruit.

Which word is noun?

There are different types of words in languages. One of them is the noun, often also called a noun or noun …. Examples of nouns: Living beings: father, mother, fish, dog. Things: car, ball, table, television, newspaper. Plants: cactus, ivy.

Is night a noun?

Noun, feminine – period between sunset and sunrise, …

What is the night

Night is commonly referred to as the part of a full day when the sun is below the horizon as seen from an observer’s position, i.e. the time span between sunset and sunrise.

When do you say tonight?

12 answers because the night (yesterday) actually begins at around 10 p.m. and continues into the next “day” at 0:00 a.m. (today).

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