How do I write an analysis of a short story?

How do I write an analysis of a short story?

In the introduction to your analysis, you present the essential information about the text and then give an overview of the most important steps in the short story. First of all, you should mention the following aspects: text type, title, author, year of publication, main characters and topic of the story.

How do you write the main part of a short story?

B. The main part of the interpretationSummary (write factually and in the present tense, only write down what is important and pay attention to the order of the action, do not use literal speech.) Vocabulary, word fields, key words. Linguistic features / stylistic devices (metaphors, comparisons …) Further entries …

How do I write a short prose?

The interpretation: the introduction Start with a summary. In the opening sentence, state the type of text, title, author, year of publication, main characters and topic of the short story. Summarize the content of the short story briefly and in the essential steps. Write in the present tense.

How do I write a communication analysis?

Structure of a communication analysis: Introductory sentence: Title / author / date of publication / period of literature / type of text / topic. Situation analysis: Analysis of the situation in which the conversation takes place. Summary of the text. Conversation analysis: Analysis of the conversation in the text, substantiate everything with text passages and an example.

How do you write a written interpretation?

5 important tips for a good interpretation Pay attention to the topic and question. Read the text carefully, pay attention to special linguistic means of the author and use key words. Always back up your own statements / assertions with quotations.

How do I write a good analysis?

Introduction of the text analysis Title of the text. Name of the author (who did the text come from?) Date of origin (When was the text written? → literary epochs) Type of text (commentary, essay, poem, letter, etc.) What does the text want? (→ interpretation hypothesis)

How do you write a good summary?

It is best to read the text carefully at least twice. Underline key words (try to divide the text into sections of meaning. Start your summary with an introductory sentence. Pick up the sections of meaning in your summary again and structure your text according to them.

How do you write a good characterization?

You should start your characterization with an introductory sentence. It should be made clear in which text (type of text, title, author) the person appears and what status they occupy there. You have to prove the statements you make about a character with textual evidence.

How do you write a good introduction?

Argumentation: introduction, main part and conclusion In the introduction you write briefly what your text is about and try to arouse the reader’s interest. Your main part consists of several arguments that make your point of view clear.

How do you write a good essay?

How do you write one? – In a nutshell Introduction: Introduce the question and your own point of view. Main part: Support your point of view with theses and examples – with the aim of giving the readers food for thought. Conclusion: Summarize the most important arguments and give an outlook.

How do you write essay in German?

An essay consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. However, you don’t make them recognizable with headings, but with paragraphs. You also leave out subheadings. It is important that your content has a clear sequence, so that you do not lose the “central theme” while writing.

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