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Setup tips for the bottom edge of the bagua

The Bagua Zone Wealth – Invite Prosperity into Your Home

This zone not only stands for financial prosperity and material wealth, but also for joie de vivre, self-confidence, positive experiences and enriching experiences. What is reminiscent of external and internal wealth is in good hands in this Feng Shui zone. The “wealth colors” are purple, red, and green. The element is wood, so wood and wicker furniture go very well here. Accessories that go well with this south-eastern corner include pictures, beautiful bowls with coins from different countries, and a gold or green figure of the Chinese money toad. The goldfish stands as a symbol of prosperity and wealth, as well as the image of the eight horses in the form of a small statue or as a painting. A bubbly bamboo fountain and plants such as the jade plant, a small fruit tree or the lucky bamboo are well placed in this corner.




The Bagua Zone Fame – activate reputation and self-knowledge

In Feng Shui, fame symbolizes how one is perceived by others. The zone is assigned to the south and corresponds to the element fire and the color red. Light, bright and radiant as well as red furnishings provide fresh energy in this area. Slim, pointed and sharp-edged shapes in the wood color green for furniture and accessories nourish the fire and help the residents to find the right way. Candles, lights or a fireplace also reinforce this zone. The element of water should definitely be avoided. Decorations with works of art that represent luminosity, clarity and inspiration are particularly suitable.



Glass and silk can be used in setting up this zone


The Bagua Zone partnership – strengthening relationships with other people

This bagua zone stands for all interpersonal relationships, both for love and for business relationships. If it is completely absent or badly designed, problems arise in interpersonal contacts. This zone is particularly important in the bedroom and study and should be designed accordingly. Clutter and clutter are taboo here, as are items to remind you of past relationships. Symbols of loneliness should also be specifically banned here, as well as broken objects such as visible cracks on the furniture. Accessories that can be used in pairs have a supportive effect. A cozy seating area and soft textiles support the partnership. Yellow, white and rose tones can be used for the color design. Natural materials such as cotton underline the balancing character of the earth element corresponding to this zone.



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