How do I write out a quote?

How do I write out a quote?

In the case of a direct quotation, the sentence must be taken over literally. Even spelling mistakes are taken over. In the case of a literal quotation in, the sentence is always in quotation marks. This approach is perfect for examples or definitions in your bachelor thesis.

How do I quote scientifically correctly?

Correct citation is required for scientific work. All sources used in the text must be marked with a direct reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography. If you use foreign ideas, you must mark this.

What must be marked as a quote?

All text passages that are taken from the sources must be marked as quotations!

How do I quote the Duden correctly?

The Duden is published without an author … The complete source information consists of: Duden editorial office or search term, year, search term (if not already mentioned), Duden – The German spelling, (only for APA and German citation), publisher and place of publication.

What is important when specifying the source?

This is why you need source references So that your readership can trace back the original sources, all content from external sources must be marked. If the sources are missing or incomplete, plagiarism is committed. In order to avoid this, a correct reference to the source is necessary.

Why are sources for images and text necessary?

The source of a website includes the author and the title of the article as well as the corresponding URL and the date of access. This information is necessary because changes to images or texts can be made continuously on the Internet.

What should be in footnotes?

Footnotes belong to scientific texts. Above all, they serve to prove the sources of direct or indirect quotations. They also have the task of inserting additions that relieve the main text, explanations or comments.

What is a footnote example?

In the German citation style, footnotes are generally used to substantiate text passages. These are represented by superscript numbers in the running text, which refer to the literature cited. Thus, they differ from the more well-known Harvard citation method, which works with information in brackets.

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