How do you write a personal reflection?

How do you write a personal reflection?

In the main part you reflect on the situation. Name your personal assessment, feelings and justify your decisions. In addition, it should be made clear here whether the goal or the expectations were met or not.

What is meant by reflection?

1) Physics: reflection, being thrown back, for example light in a mirror or sound from a surface. 2) (deep) reflection. 3) Object-oriented programming: ability of a program to know its own structure and to modify it if necessary.

What is a reflection talk?

During the reflection discussion, the learner predominantly speaks. Above all else, you should listen carefully. Your contribution to the conversation has only one goal: to stimulate the learner by asking questions to work out the problem, its causes and its solution.

What does external reflection mean?

External reflection is about joint reflection with other people who accompany the reflection process. That means, it is about thinking and talking about lessons, for example.

What is self-reflection?

Self-reflection describes the activity of thinking about oneself. This means analyzing and questioning your thoughts, feelings and actions with the aim of finding out more about yourself.

Why is self-reflection important in my everyday professional life?

Self-reflection is important in order to: act / make more conscious decisions in the future; to be more aware of our strengths and to use them in a targeted manner; to know our weaknesses and to work on them.

What is a critical reflection?

reproduced. Reflecting accordingly means that one turns and turns something, viewed from other angles, in order to arrive at a carefully raised image of reality that comes closer to reality. Those who reflect critically distinguish something and try to reproduce this distinction.

What does reflection physics mean?

In physics, reflection (Latin reflexio, backward bend, from the verb reflectere, backward bend, backward) describes the throwing back of waves at an interface at which the wave resistance or the refractive index of the propagation medium changes.

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