How do you write my loved ones?

How do you write my loved ones?

Re: Hello my L / dear ?! “My love” is capitalized here, unless it is followed by a name. The same applies to: Hello my dear, or Good morning my dearest, as is often used in the East Germany area.

How do you write dear ones?

Hello, my dears! That you are written in small letters anyway, because there is still a noun behind it. When the plural occurs as well as you, yourselves, it is also written in lower case.

What does my good mean?

My goodness is an expression of astonishment, and sometimes an expression of displeasure. My goodness is especially used when there is an unpleasant surprise. My goodness is the modification of “My God” or God is replaced by his quality, namely goodness.

What does my dearest mean?

There is no such thing in standard German. Here, in the Saxon region, “Gutster” and “Gutste” are mostly used for “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” in the sense of a partnership. For the friendly salutation “my good” is used.

What is goodness?

guoti, ‘goodness’, formerly also kindness of heart) one understands a friendly, benevolent and indulgent attitude towards others. Elements of kindness are doing good, exercising grace, benevolence, and mercy. The opposite of goodness or kindness of heart is seen as strict or intransigent.

What does kindness mean?

1) friendly, good-natured, human, mild, warm-hearted, soft-hearted, benevolent. Related terms: 1) peaceable, peaceful, patient, harmless, kind-hearted, helpful, long-suffering, amiable, nice, pacifistic, gentle, gentle, forgiving, courteous.

What does it mean to be good-natured?

1) argumentative, argumentative, prone to anger. 1) stubborn, disobedient. Examples of use: 1) If you are friendly to a police officer in Germany, you usually meet good-natured, nice and helpful people.

What is meek?

The philosopher Otto Friedrich Bollnow paraphrased meekness as follows: “Meekness contrasts with violence. … He (the person) is gentle, if he does not allow himself to be carried away by anger, without avoidable harshness in affect, soft and cautious.

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