How does a cognitive disorder manifest itself in children?

How does a cognitive disorder manifest itself in children?

Typical symptoms of an auditory perception disorder in children can be that similar-sounding sounds or syllables such as p – b or pa – ba cannot be distinguished. This can lead to misunderstandings and learning difficulties.

Who Can Diagnose Avws?

Diagnosis of AVWS – How the doctor recognizes AVWS ENT doctors are qualified to do this if they have dealt with AVWS. Pediatric audiologists, phoniatrists and clinics for phoniatrics and pediatric audiology can estimate the severity of APD in particular.

Does my child have Avws?

When your child has AVWS, it means they can hear normally at first. However, there is a malfunction in the correct transmission of sound signals from the inner ear to the brain, where the information is usually processed correctly.

How is Avws created?

Causes of AVWS The causes of AVWS are not in the organ of hearing (ear) itself and intelligence has nothing to do with the auditory processing and perception disorder. However, the causes of AVWS can often only be guessed at and are difficult to prove.

How does an auditory perception disorder arise?

What are the causes of auditory processing and perception disorders? Medical factors or environmental influences are assumed to be the causes. The medical causes discussed are long-lasting middle ear infections in early childhood, early childhood brain damage or delays in brain maturation.

What is auditory processing disorder?

What is Auditory Processing and Perception Disorder (AVWS)? With an auditory processing and perception disorder (AVWS), also called auditory processing disorder, there are deficits in the perception and processing of acoustically presented information.

Can a sensory disorder be cured?

A perceptual disorder cannot be cured even with therapy. “But we can prepare the ground so that those affected can deal with the world and live with the disorder,” says Pastewka.

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