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The most well-known wedding anniversaries are, of course, the silver wedding and the gold wedding. However, until a married couple solemnly advances to the golden wedding anniversary, a whole 50 years pass, during which important wedding anniversaries can also be celebrated. And each of these special days also has a name and a very special meaning. In our list you will find all wedding anniversaries (from the 1st to the 80th) including the name and the meaning of each.

The meaning of the wedding days

Most wedding days are named after a material. Each material takes on a meaning for the respective marriage year due to its nature and its advantages. The longer you’ve been married, the more valuable or stable the materials after which a wedding day is named become. You can find out which material is named after which year and what deeper symbolism lies behind it in our complete wedding day list here.

1st wedding anniversary – the paper wedding

Wedding Anniversaries - Paper Wedding
Image: © Floral Deco / Adobe Stock

After the first 365 days as a married couple, the very first wedding anniversary can be celebrated. Since the marriage is still so fresh and its strength is still rated as thin and flimsy, the first wedding anniversary is also called a paper wedding. The name is intended to symbolically point out that the marriage can break up quickly if you don’t handle it lovingly. However, paper is excellent for writing down your story. And on this wedding day you have every chance in the world to make great things out of a piece of paper.

2nd Wedding Anniversary – The Cotton Wedding

The meaning of wedding days - cotton wedding
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Cotton is a rather delicate and delicate plant that can be used to create incredibly strong cotton fabric. So the second wedding anniversary is all about a marriage that is still quite young, but has now become routine. The cotton wedding symbolizes the strength of marriage, which can also withstand a few spin cycles. But even a cotton plant can die under poor conditions. And so the cotton wedding should draw attention to the fact that a marriage always requires careful maintenance.

3rd Wedding Anniversary – The Leather Wedding

Leather wedding - the leather wedding
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The leather wedding has nothing to do with the age or condition of the skin. But like the material, it stands for the stability of a marriage after three years together. Leather is tough, stretchy and difficult to damage. A marriage from the third wedding anniversary is also considered to be fundamentally stable and malleable at the same time.

4th Wedding Anniversary – Silk Wedding

Silk Wedding
Image: © Liliia / Adobe Stock

Silk has always been considered a very noble and valuable commodity. The fourth wedding anniversary, the silk wedding, is just as precious. After four happy years of marriage, the partner gains in value. What sounds flat at first glance is not so wrong. Because even deep love can become even deeper and more irreplaceable from day to day.

5th Wedding Anniversary – The Wooden Wedding

Wooden Wedding - Wooden Wedding
Image: © dmitr1ch / Adobe Stock

The wooden wedding, which can be celebrated after 5 years of marriage, stands for stability and growth. Wood is not only versatile, but also strong and firmly connected. The years of marriage together have allowed the couple to grow. Wood is weather-resistant and stable. But not rigid. With the right tool, you can mold it into any shape you hope for in the future.

6th Wedding Anniversary – The Sugar Wedding

sugar wedding
Image: © Romolo Tavani / Adobe Stock

The 6th wedding anniversary is the sugar wedding. The sweet things in life are on the agenda! The sugar wedding is celebrated in many regions with a beautiful cake and a sweet punch. On this day, the married couple is given a creamy sugar bomb, usually by the best man, and a small celebration is organized. Enjoy the meal! 🍰😍

7th Wedding Anniversary – The Copper Wedding

Copper Wedding - Copper Wedding
Image: © Pituk / Adobe Stock

The Copper Wedding is the 7th anniversary of the wedding. After seven years of marriage, the couple symbolically shines in a warm brown-red copper tone. Copper is very conductive. So it can move things forward. If a copper pipe cracks, it’s relatively easy to repair. Copper can also tarnish. It then gets a very characteristic turquoise color. But even that can be made shiny again with a little effort. All of these qualities are important for a seventh-year marriage. Because if you want to believe the old stories, then a marriage in the seventh year often has to prove itself particularly well.

8th Wedding Anniversary – The Tin Wedding

Tin Wedding - the tin wedding
Image: © Parilov / Adobe Stock

The 8th wedding anniversary is called a tin wedding. A sheet is a thin metal rolled into a plate. Sheet metal is often underestimated. If a metal is not well made, it is sometimes derogatorily called “sheet metal”. But that doesn’t do justice to the material. Sheet metal is actually extremely stable – and reliably protects against external influences. If need be, you can also make a good noise with tin. On the 8th wedding anniversary, as a couple, you have learned to protect each other from external influences – and can represent this well to the outside world.

9th Wedding Anniversary – The Ceramic Wedding

Ceramic Wedding
Image: © EdNurg / Adobe Stock

Ceramic is such an incredibly versatile material that we now encounter it in so many situations in life that we don’t even suspect. In any case, it has gained the status to give its name to the 9th wedding anniversary. The base material, like a marriage after nine years, is still soft and malleable. Even very cuddly. But when fired in a kiln, it acquires a strength and hardness that requires brute force to shatter.

10th Wedding Anniversary – The Rose Wedding

rose wedding
Image: © SianStock / Adobe Stock

The first round wedding anniversary! Couples celebrating the rose wedding can be extremely proud that their marriage has now lasted 10 years. The infatuation of the first years is probably over and one can now speak of deep and heartfelt love. The red rose symbolizes this deep love in many cultures. Hence the wedding day takes its name from that flower. For this reason, 10 red roses are often given away on the 10th wedding anniversary.

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