How Does Juliet’s Monologue In Lines 15 31 Affect Romeo

In the poem “Romeo and Juliet,” Juliette’s monologue in lines fifteen and thirty-one effects Romeo in a few ways. It helps him understand Juliet better. He is willing to give up his family name in order to marry her and is now ready to give up his family’s name to be with her. This monologue also makes him fall more in love with Juliette, so he tries to persuade her to marry him.

The first thing Juliet says to Romeo is that she has hatred for his name. This means that she is not attracted to him. Hence, she does not want to marry him. She wants him to change his last name so that they can live peacefully. However, Romeo dislikes his last-name because it reminds him of his family. The second thing Juliet does is to warn him that her kinsman will be jealous of him.

As Juliet addresses Romeo in lines 15 and 31, she makes it clear that she is not a lover but rather a rival. She tells him to change his name to avoid scandal. She explains that she would like to live a peaceful life with her beloved. But Romeo doesn’t want to change his last name because of his family’s disapproval.

After she says these words, Juliet starts rambling about their relationship. She warns him to change his name so they can live peacefully. In addition, she tells him about a kinsman who wants to kill him. This is a way for Juliet to remind the audience that despite the fact that their love is forbidden, this love is still happening.

In lines 15 and thirty-one, Juliet rambles about their relationship and her life. She wants Romeo to change his name so that they can live peacefully. She also wants him to change his last name because she does not like it. This is because her kinship with him is prohibited, but she is still in love with him. Moreover, she has been hurt by this mistake.

In lines 15 and thirty-one, Juliet addresses Romeo by saying that she hates him and his family. She tells him that she is worried about the kinsman and the situation will be disastrous. She then makes her way through the other lines of the play, reaffirming her loyalty to Romeo. She even warns the kinsman of his own family to leave, as if to warn him about it.

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