How high can the plagiarism be? How high can the plagiarism be?

How high can the plagiarism share be?

There is no precise guideline for how low a similarity score has to be. It is crucial that your work does not contain any plagiarism. That means: Even plagiarism of only 1% is already too high. In practice, however, not all similarities found with the plagiarism software are plagiarism.

When is it plagiarism?

Plagiarism always occurs when the source of the statements, information, quotations is not given at all or incorrectly given in the text of the work, even if it is contained in the bibliography.

When is a thesis considered plagiarism?

Anything that you have copied from another text without marking it is considered plagiarism. It is therefore important that you conduct an exact literature research in your scientific work. Otherwise you will fail your scientific work due to plagiarism.

Are plagiarism checks allowed?

In contrast to ghostwriting, a plagiarism check is usually unpoblematic and permitted both legally and on the part of the examination regulations.

What does turnitin recognize?

Turnitin compares student tasks using its extensive database of multilingual content, including over 17 billion websites, 200 million student papers, and tens of thousands of books, periodicals and specialist publications – and finds matches that suggest plagiarism or other …

Are all term papers checked for plagiarism?

Plagiarism software detects plagiarism: More and more universities are now using plagiarism software as standard to uncover attempts at deception in term papers and theses or to check whether one can quote correctly.

Who controls plagiarism?

Most plagiarism can already be found using search engines such as Google. For academic texts, however, it is helpful to expand your search to Google Scholar and Google Books. Here the chance of further hits is many times higher.

What is checked during a plagiarism check?

In the plagiarism check, the text of your work is electronically searched for suspicious sections and these are compared with a database or search engine. This is how the software finds out which sections correspond to those from one or more sources.

Is PlagAware good?

The working group TeSToP (Testing of Support Tools for Plagiarism Detection) of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) carried out a large comparative study on the reliability and usability of plagiarism software in 2020. PlagAware was rated as the “best performing tool for German language”.

Are all bachelor theses checked for plagiarism?

Many universities check their theses for plagiarism using plagiarism software. To avoid plagiarism, it can be useful to use plagiarism software before you submit your scientific work. In this way you can identify misquoted or incorrect sources and correct them.

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