How important is play for child development?

How important is play for child development?

In play, children actively and intensively deal with themselves and their environment. The game therefore offers ideal conditions for successful learning processes in all areas of child development: the children continue to develop their identity and personality through play.

What is the importance of free play in everyday pedagogical work?

In free play, the child experiences a self-determined free space. That means they can decide for themselves: with whom they want to play, what they want to play with and how long they want to play. The child experiences itself as an independent personality, this is an important basis for a positive self-image.

What is personal competence?

Personal competence, which is often also described as personal competence, is the magnifying glass that zooms in very closely on the person himself. The only important thing is that personal competencies are personal and person-related. It is about attitudes, experiences, but also elements of knowledge.

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