What exactly should be in a letter of motivation?

What exactly should be in a letter of motivation?

A letter of motivation includes information about you, about your skills, talents and experiences, about why and about your motivation. But also about the fit between you and the position, the master’s degree, the foreign program or the foundation.

What is the difference between a letter of motivation and an application?

The term letter of motivation is usually equated with the letter of application. This letter should describe the personal motivation for the desired position.

What is included in an application for Switzerland?

The Swiss want complete application documents The short Anglo-Saxon application usually consists of just an e-mail and a CV. This is not enough for the Swiss. “The personal information must be complete. This also includes date of birth and marital status,” says headhunter Emanuel Kessler from kessler.

Are application letters still up to date?

Cover letters are a relic of the past. Deutsche Bahn has shown the way: as of autumn, prospective trainees no longer have to apply with a cover letter. A wise decision that was long overdue. The classic one-page document is neither up-to-date nor does it offer any added value.

Is a cover letter an application?

An application is the self-portrayal of a person applying for a job in competition with their peers. No other part of the application folder shows this as clearly as it does in the cover letter. The cover letter is the heart of every application for an apprenticeship.

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