How long do I wait for application re-registration?

How long do I wait for application re-registration?

The answers will certainly reassure some applicants: In the vast majority of cases, around 87 percent, the first answer to the application is no longer than two weeks in coming. A quarter even replied within three working days.

What to do if there is no answer to your application?

Remain friendly, even if the person you are talking to doesn’t have time for you, and ask when it would be more convenient for them. At the end, thank you again and say goodbye politely – the best thing is to say the name of your contact person again.

How does a good interview work?

The small talk phase: The first impression counts. Getting to know each other: self-presentation made easy. Presentation phase: Listen carefully. Queries phase: Score points with your own questions in the interview. Final phase: Don’t fail in the last few meters.

What questions should you prepare for during an interview?

Preparation for the interview Can you please introduce yourself? Can you tell us your strengths and weaknesses? Why did you choose this position? What do you know about the company? Where do you see yourself in five years?

What questions can be asked in the interview?

Typical questions in an interview with the HR manager are, for example: How do you organize your work? What were you responsible for in your old job? How do you like to work best? Which qualities in your opinion are particularly important for this position? What are your strengths and Weaknesses?

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