How Much Is A Crate Of Eggs In Zimbabwe

How Much is a Crate of Eggs in Zimbabwe Worth?

Several factors influence the price of eggs in Zimbabwe. These include ownership, organisation, and chain of production. Here’s an overview of how much a crate of eggs in Zimbabwe is worth. The value of an egg in Zimbabwe is worth USD050 million.

Price of a crate of eggs in zimbabwe

The price of a crate of eggs in Africa is more than US$4! A crate of eggs can cost anywhere from US$3.50 to US$4.50. However, we have to factor in inflation, which is nearly 100,000 percent a year. As a result, the price of everything is going up. Even a simple 30-pound bag of potatoes cost 90 million dollars in Zimbabwe in the first week of March, but now it costs 160 million. That is too much for her to afford!

This is a stark sign of the state of Zimbabwe’s economy. Formerly a breadbasket of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe has fallen into a deep economic crisis. Western economists attribute this largely to President Robert Mugabe’s socialist redistribution of commercial farms. In response, Western governments withdrew economic aid to Zimbabwe. While the government is trying to fix the problems, ordinary Zimbabweans are feeling the pinch.


A crate of eggs in Zimbabwe is worth approximately USD050 million. The dried egg yolks are cooked by steaming or boiling them in water. These are then sold and eaten as a snack. Zimbabweans eat about a dozen eggs a week.


The value of a crate of eggs in the country of Zimbabwe is about USD050 million. The dried egg yolks are cooked in water or steamed. It is used in cooking, bread and fried fish. It is considered a luxury product in Zimbabwe.

Several chicken breeds are used for this purpose. These include indigenous, Boschveld and Sass chickens. Besides eggs, chickens also provide meat and other foods, ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet for the people. Many poultry producers sell their eggs and earn from them. This is good news for people who need an income or are just looking for an income alternative.

Chain of production

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the eggs market in Zimbabwe. It includes historical data and forecasts for the next five years. It also examines the main market participants, price fluctuations, and growth and demand drivers. The report utilizes WMStrategy’s proprietary methodology that combines quantitative and qualitative data, as well as market experts’ insights. It is a valuable source for investors, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders.

In Zimbabwe, large-scale poultry production accounts for 20-30% of the total domestic poultry meat production. The poult industry has strong ties with South Africa. Two of the largest poultry producers in the country are Sovereign Foods and Rainbow Chicken. These companies operate through subsidiaries. These companies supply eggs for other poultry producers in South Africa.

A high level of urbanization in many of the southern African countries has increased the demand for processed food. Combined with the rapid growth of China’s economy, global demand for food has risen. The poultry industry in southern Africa has grown rapidly in recent years.

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