How much money do you get while studying?

How much money do you get while studying?

On average, a student spends 918 euros per month, as the German Student Union found out in its social survey. Most of it goes for living (323 euros) and for food (168 euros).

What can students apply for?

Within the framework of their possibilities, the parents are obliged to provide maintenance and receive child benefit from the state in return. If all this is not enough and in certain cases also independent of the parents, the BAföG steps in….

Can a student also apply for minimum income?

Can students also obtain BMS? A prerequisite for receiving minimum income is that the applicant is available for the labor market (if he is able to work). This availability does not exist in principle when studying.

Who is entitled to minimum income?

Entitlement to minimum security (social assistance) In principle, every citizen who has used up his assets to a minimum of 4,188.80 euros (as of 2016).

Who is entitled to minimum income?

Who is entitled to minimum income? Those people who can no longer secure themselves financially through their own means, be it through their income, maintenance or assets, are entitled to minimum income support.

When are you entitled to minimum income?

In principle, third-country nationals are only entitled to social assistance or minimum income support if they have already lived legally in Austria for more than five years. Persons entitled to asylum are entitled to social assistance from the moment they are granted protection as a refugee.

When are you entitled to social assistance?

In Germany, people who are not able to work and are in need of assistance, as well as needy people over the age of 65, have a statutory right to social assistance. Since the introduction of the Hartz IV laws on January 1, 2005, a basic distinction has been made between employable and non-employable people in need of assistance.

Who is entitled to minimum income in Vienna?

Eligible are: Austrian citizens. EU or EEA citizens (entitlement only under certain conditions) Persons entitled to asylum or subsidiary protection.

When are you entitled to social benefits?

There is a basic entitlement to social benefit for a child under the age of 15 in a community of need, since such children are not considered to be able to work. As a rule, there is no social benefit for students. People who are entitled to basic security in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity do not receive social benefit.

Who gets money from the social welfare office?

Social assistance includes benefits for people who are unable to work and unable to support themselves. Social assistance benefits are only available if neither the person concerned nor their relatives nor other social security institutions can meet their needs.

How much is the social benefit?

How high is the social benefit? Standard need level Standard rates for height 1 adult single person or single parent 409 € 2 adult spouses or life partners in a community of need 368 € each 3 other adults in a community of need 327 € 4 young people from the 14th to the 18th birthday each 311 € 2

Who is entitled to social assistance in Switzerland?

Who is entitled to social assistance? Nobody has to beg in Switzerland. When all else fails, social assistance, as the last safety net to secure a livelihood, ensures social assistance from A to Z that nobody falls into absolute poverty.

How high is social assistance in Switzerland?

That’s how much money welfare recipients receive for food, clothing and mobility. A single person receives 986 francs of social assistance per month. This amount is broken down into different items. It’s not a gift – the money has to be paid back.

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