Corona border controls: who is allowed to enter the country, which border crossings are open?

As of recently, travelers are no longer allowed to enter Germany without a valid reason. This currently applies to the borders to/from Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark. Temporary border controls were introduced here. We explain where and how you can cross the borders for important reasons.


✔️ In which cases can I leave/enter the country?

According to the federal police all non-essential travel be omitted. A border crossing can only be permitted in urgent cases. These are the following cases or persons:

  • medical treatments
  • family deaths
  • Commuters, health and care workers, EU parliamentarians, accredited diplomats
  • workers in the food industry
  • Cross-border movement of goods
  • Transit through Germany to another EU country of origin on the return journey there
  • Relocation if there is a certificate / proof
  • German nationals are allowed always enter Germany

Commuters should definitely have one confirmation such as (commuter certificate, order documents, employment contract) with you.
A form for the certificate for commuters can be downloaded from the Federal Police.
In any case, if you have a valid reason for the trip, you should too have a confirmation with you.

When are you not allowed to cross the border?

In the following cases, entry into Germany is not permitted or is prohibited by the officials during the check:

  • Entry for tourist purposes/holidays
  • shopping or visiting trips
  • Seasonal workers/harvest workers
  • Visit of the partner living abroad
  • Visit to the second home in Germany
  • Appointments with a lawyer/notary in Germany
  • Entry can also be refused if you disease symptoms having
Corona Grenze geschlossen Daenemark

Closed border near Pattburg / Denmark

Are you allowed to leave Germany?

There is basically no exit restrictions. The Federal Foreign Office has only issued a worldwide travel warning. However, exit depends on whether the other country agrees to entry.

Which border crossings are open?

Since the end of March, border crossings have only been possible at selected border crossings due to the controls introduced. These are:

border to border crossing
Denmark Böglum (B 5)
Ellund (Motorway 7)
Flensburg railway station
Suederlügum train station
Copper mill (B 200)
Puttgarden ferry port
Overseas port of Rostock
Sassnitz ferry port
border to border crossing
Luxembourg BAB 64 (Mesenich)
B 419 waves
B 419 Wincheringen
B 418 Wasserbilligerbrück
B 257 (E29) Echternachbrück
B 50 Roth-Vianden
B 410 Dasburg-Marnach
B 407 / B 419 Perl-Schengen / Perl Apach (three-country triangle roundabout)
BAB 8 (Pearl-Schengen)
border to border crossing
France Altenheim-Pflimlin Bridge (Plobsheim/F)
Kehl-Europa Bridge (Strasbourg/F)
Kehl railway bridge (Strasbourg/F)
Rheinau-Freistett (Gambsheim/F)
Iffezheim (Beinheim/F)
Weil am Rhein Palm Rain Bridge (Huningue/F)
Neuenburg am Rhein Motorway (Ottmarsheim/F)
Breisach (Neuf-Brisach/F)
B 9 Bienwald
B 38 Schweigen-Rechtenbach
L 700 Hornbach
BAB 6 Saarbrücken-Stiring Wendel Goldene Bremm
Saarbruecken main station
B 243- Habkirchen-Frauenberg
Saarbrücken-Stiring Wendel Goldene Bremm-Metzer Strasse
Überherrn-Creutzwald B 269n
border to border crossing
Switzerland Konstanz Autobahn – Kreuzlingen Autobahn
Bietingen – Thayngen Strasse
Friedrichhafen Hafen (BZV)
Sing train station
Friedrichshafen Airport (BPOL/BZV)
Constance Kreuzlinger Tor – Kreuzlingen (BZV)
Rielasingen – Ramsen (BZV)
Gailingen West – Dörflingen Pünt (BZV)
Constance – Swiss passenger station
Weil am Rhein – BAB Basel
Basle bath. Passenger station – Basel
Because Friedlingen – Hitalingerstr. (BZV)
Because Otterbach – Freiburgerstr. (BZV)
Lörrach Stetten – Riehen (BZV)
Rheinfelden – Rheinfelden
Erzingen – Trasadingen (BZV)
Lottstetten – Rafz Solgen (BZV)
Jestetten – Neuhausen (BZV)
Grenzach-Wyhlen (BZV)
Laufenburg – Laufenburg (BZV)
Bad Säckingen – stone
border to border crossing
Austria Motorway 96
Motorway 7
B 17 feet (BY)
GUG Balderschwang
GUG Jungholz
B 19 Oberstdorf
Lindau Brick House (BY)
Lindau train station
Oberaudorf (BY)
Motorway 93
Griesen Ehrwald (train)
Achenpass (BY)
Take over B 11 Mittenwald / Scharnitz from KE
Rosenheim train station / route Kufstein – Rosenheim
Burghausen (BY)
B 304 Saal Bridge
Motorway 8
Reit im Winkl
Melleck / Steinpass (BY)
Salzburg train station
Freilassing train station
Wegscheid (BY)
Passau Achleiten
BAB 3 Rottal Ost
BAB 3 AS Pocking
GUG Simbach train station
GUG Mariahilf
Neuhaus / New Bridge
GÜG Kirchdorf (BY)
Passau train station

Further information and details can be found on the websites of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Police.

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