How To Make Chicken Tikka Frankie At Home

How to Make Chicken Tika Frankie at Home

You might be asking, how can I make chicken tikka frankie at my home? The answer is simple. Cast iron skillets can be used and extra flour can be used to dust the frying pans. You can also add salt and pepper to suit your taste. Once you’ve added the chicken, cover the pot and simmer for about 5 to 6 minutes. After that, you can enjoy your freshly made chicken tikka frankie with all the family and friends.

You can also use paneer to make it vegan. Either way, you’ll have a delicious meal on your hands. Chicken tikka Frankie is a favorite Indian breakfast food. There are many ways to make chicken tikka frankie at home. You can make a delicious treat by grilling, baking, or smoking it over charcoal.

The first step is to mix wheat flour and half a teaspoon of salt in a bowl. Stir to combine and make a soft dough. Add oil and water to make the dough pliable. Cover the dough and let it rest for 20 minutes before kneading it. When the roti is ready, roll it up and cook it on a hot tawa. Then, roll it up and serve with the chicken filling.

Once you have assembled your chicken tikka Frankie, add the rest of the ingredients. You have two options: either make the chicken tikka ahead of time or purchase ready-made parathas. Either way, this meal is a delicious, fast and easy option for a quick dinner. You’ll be glad you made the effort. You can try it now! These easy steps will teach you how to make chicken tikka Frankie at home. You’ll be able to cook delicious chicken tikka patties in no time.

Another delicious Indian street food is the Chicken Frankie Roll. These rolls are made with flatbread and filled with boneless chicken and tasty chutney. You can use leftover or fresh roti. Maida flour is used to make roti. Stuff the roll with whatever meat you like. You can also make vegetarian Frankie roll using paneer, potatoes, or both. These are great for quick snacks or appetizers.

You can also make paneer tikka frenchies at home. Paneer tikka frankies are similar to chicken tikka frankies, but they use roti instead of a flour wrap. Paneer tikka frenchies are great for kids and as a starter. You can make tikka frankies at home and enjoy authentic Indian street food whenever you like.

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