How To Make Money Online In Jamaica 2018

You can also make a decent living online thanks to the popularity of digital art. Although most countries allow online sales, the Jamaican market is known for its style and unique products. You can sell clothing, jewelry, figurines, furniture, and many other products online. You can easily sell your products online through popular platforms like Etsy or WordPress, which also has an e-commerce module. Here are some tips for making money online in Jamaica:

First, start an account and start posting on social media. You can also pitch to local high schools during picture season or set up shop in a photographer’s office. Makeup artists also have great opportunities during graduation season and carnival. These are only a few of the many ways you can start making money online in Jamaica. Don’t lose heart, no matter what you do! This could be a great opportunity if you are passionate about art and want people to benefit from your talents.

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