How to Travel More: 4 Great Ideas

About 40% of Americans take a family vacation every year. Becoming part of this statistic can be a bit easier said than done. You’ve got to budget for your getaway and build PTO.

Some save up their vacation time all year to take one big trip. If you would like to know how to travel more often than that, the answer is to take advantage of long weekends.

If your problem is your budget, book cheaper flights or try out travel hacking. You can also plan to go during the off-season.

Want to learn more about planning a trip? Check out this guide for a few vacation tips.

1. Take Shorter Trips

If you’re like most people, you don’t have a lot of vacation days to play around with during the year. You hoard them all until you can spend them in one big burst and take a two-week-long trip.

After your vacation is over, you go back to work and start building your PTO again from the ground up.

If taking one trip isn’t satisfying enough for you, start taking several tiny vacations throughout the year. Don’t forget to take advantage of holidays and long weekends too.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Spending

If your issue has less to do with PTO and more to do with your budget, it’s time to work on managing your finances. Step one is cutting out any unnecessary spending.

Switch to a cheaper phone carrier, and only eat out once or twice a month as a little treat. When it comes time to buy new clothes, stop by a thrift store. Cancel your gym membership in favor of going on morning runs or working out at home.

3. Travel Hacking

Do you have decent credit? Use that to your advantage by signing up for credit cards that offer travel miles, spending money on them, and building up points.

The term for this is travel hacking. You can cash your points in to take more trips.

If you would rather not risk your credit by signing up for multiple cards, start weighing your timeshare options. You can go here for more info.

4. Look for Deals

Most people decide when they want to go on a vacation and book their flight and accommodations accordingly. Instead, you should be scheduling according to deals.

Sometimes pushing your trip back by a single day will net you a better price on your flight. If you plan to go during off-seasons, you’ll get to take advantage of cheaper plane tickets and hotel rooms.

How to Travel More Often and See the World

People spend days during the year trying to figure out how to travel more often. It can be difficult to find the time and money to go.

As you can see, the secret is to look for deals and take advantage of long weekends. You can try out travel hacking, and if you can, book during the off-season.

For more vacation tips and tricks, visit the Travel section of our blog.

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