How to write a recommendation on Linkedin?

How to write a recommendation on Linkedin?

To recommend someone from their profile: Navigate to the person’s profile 1. In the . Tap Recommend. Choose the relationship and the position [Name des Mitglieds] from the drop-down menu and tap Next. Write your recommendation in the message field.

Who can write letters of recommendation?

Who can issue a letter of recommendation? In principle, anyone can issue a letter of recommendation. However, it is usually not useful for friends or relatives to issue a letter of recommendation for professional purposes and it may

How do you write a letter of motivation for an apprenticeship?

It is rather unusual for you to include a letter of motivation in your application for an apprenticeship….The following questions should be answered in the letter of motivation: Why do you want exactly this apprenticeship?Why exactly with this apprenticeship company?Why are you particularly well suited for it?

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

An application for an apprenticeship must include three elements: the letter of application, the curriculum vitae and certificates.Covering letter. The covering letter of an application is equivalent to the first impression. application organization Resume. References.

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