How to write to an unknown person?

How to write to an unknown person?

Correct here: The most formal salutation possible via Dear Madam / Dear Sir. If the gender is unknown, cannot be derived from the first name or if there is uncertainty, take a step back here and generalize in the salutation: Dear Sir or Madam.

When, dear?

In principle, business partners are also addressed in e-mails with “Dear Sir …” or “Dear Ms. …”. For a familiar person, the salutation “Dear Madam …” or “Dear Sir …” is also appropriate. What you should generally avoid are salutations without a name or with a first and last name.

How do I correctly write to married people?

Please note: When addressing married couples by letter, you should address the husband and wife individually. Today, the address is considered out of date: “Dear married couple Dold” … So it says: Dear Ms. Wagner, dear Mr. Wagner. Dear Ms. Müller-Leinenfeld, dear Mr. Müller.Hello, Ms. Berger and Mr. Schäfer.

How do you spell colleagues in one word?

The following spelling is used in the Duden: employees, teachers, colleagues. We did not find a recommendation under DIN 5008. So far we have written to co-workers.

How do you write to colleagues and inside?

Spelling for colleagues inside It is correct to say: colleagues.

How do you change colleagues?

“Gender” is a formulation that takes into account both genders, because: Language shapes thinking …. The same applies to the “asterisk solution” or the underscore, which you can put between the root of the word and the feminine ending instead of the capital I: Colleagues, colleagues, colleagues.

How do you write employees and co-workers?

Even if official bodies often use the spelling “employees”, we advise against this spelling, as it has a strong feminist touch. “Employees” is also not particularly recommendable.

How do I write the male and female form?

The masculine or feminine form: a representative spelling. Another variant is to use exclusively the masculine or feminine form as governor for both genders in the text. In this case, a footnote is recommended to indicate this.

What does the gender star mean?

Gender star (chen), also gender asterisk or gender star (from English gender [ˈdʒɛndɐ] “Social gender”), denotes the use of the asterisk (asterisk) as a means of gender-equitable spelling in German, in addition to male and female, other genders and …

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