I can pass the TÜV, I’m almost never checked anyway.

One might think that the validity of a TÜV sticker on a car is only checked during a police check. In reality, however, this is checked much more frequently: TÜV badges are checked by the parking surveillance services of the cities and municipalities! This means that every parking inspector not only looks at a valid parking ticket, but also at the TÜV sticker.

How long can I overstay the TÜV?

It is not recommended to delay the MOT appointment. The period of time in which you can delay the TÜV inspection and “only” receive a warning of EUR 15 is 4 months. It is even possible to delay the MOT by more than 4 and up to 8 months. This will be punished with a warning fee of EUR 25.
danger: If you drive up late for the TÜV inspection, the new TÜV sticker will be issued backdated to the original examination date! … abolished since July 1, 2012!

[box type=“info“] Caution! There is a great risk associated with passing the TÜV! If you intentionally drive with an expired TÜV sticker, you risk problems with your insurance company in the event of an accident. In the worst-case scenario, the insurance company can refuse to pay you. So inquire in good time! [/box]

What does it cost if I overtake the TÜV?

  • Two to four months: 15 EUR
  • more than four and up to 8 months: 25 EUR
  • More than 8 months: 40 EUR and 2 points in Flensburg

How do you read the TÜV sticker, what do the lines mean, when do I have to go to the TÜV?

The plaque consists of an inner and an outer circle. The number in the inner circle describes the year in which you have to present your car to the TÜV again. The outer circle represents the 12 months. The month at the top (like the 12 on the clock) describes the month in which the MOT is due. The black lines have no further meaning for you. They always include the “12” and help the police to more easily spot the expiration date from a distance on passing cars.

Schicken gelben Aufkleber f r 70 EUR besorgt

7 above: So this car has to go to the MOT in July 2015!

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