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Important trends in women’s fashion 2021/22

We live in a dynamic and rapidly evolving world. Panta rhei, the winged words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus have not lost their validity to this day. “Everything flows, everything changes” – this basic rule applies to most areas of our everyday life, including the world of fashion. Before the start of each new fashion season, fashion-conscious women all over the world ask themselves what is now fashionable and trendy. The question of the latest fashion trends moves women, because they always want to look beautiful, attractive and trendy. This enhances their self-esteem and makes them feel good when they are dressed in accordance with current trends. Women have long since found out that fashion is constantly changing. Trends come and go, but that’s the good thing about it, because every lady has the opportunity to change her look and rediscover herself every new season.

Frauenmode aktuelle Modetrends drei Frauen modisch angekleidet Stilmix Farbenvielfalt

Frauenmode aktuelle Modetrends elegante junge Frau schwarze Hose Schuhe Bluse in geometrischen Mustern karierter Blazer passende Handtasche

Frauenmode aktuelle Modetrends junge Frau dunkelblaue Strickjacke grau karierter Rock Sneakers

Wichtige Trends in der Frauenmode

Who will dictate women’s fashion in 2021/22?

The last two years can be described as an extraordinary period of life for all of us. Because of the corona pandemic and the isolation that followed, the fashion trends couldn’t do much to inspire the general public. But in contrast to the apocalyptic states that the fashion industry had to go through since 2020, the year 2021 brought to light fabulous trends that aim to get us out of the depths of the corona crisis. The new thing is that the current fashion trends are now not only shown on catwalks and in fashion magazines, but are also increasingly being disseminated online. Nowadays, it’s social media, youth culture, streetwear styles and numerous celebrities that dictate and show what is cool and fresh in fashion. So we are all hopeful that 2022 will bring some refreshing changes. In order not to get confused when it comes to fashion, women can find out about everything that is going on in the fashion world online.

Which fashion trends are emerging for the coming year?

Compared to the neutral looks of the past two years, women’s fashion will be fresher and bolder in 2022. This corresponds to the need to return to a “normal life”. We briefly summarize the current trends for you.

1) The mix of styles is present everywhere!

A mix of styles, colors and patterns will also set the tone in 2022. Women now have the opportunity (but also the freedom!) To combine items of clothing that actually belong to different styles. At the same time, they look elegant and casual. The trend includes retro elements in the outfit that better accentuate the feminine flair or go from puristic to playful. Yes, the mix does it! Nobody should be surprised to see a lady in a very elegant dress who wears sneakers or a feminine ruffled dress and sporty shoes. The elegance is not lost, but the woman feels comfortable and also looks fashionable.

A mix of different materials and fabrics is now also possible. The it-pieces made of cotton, for example, can be combined with clothes made of silk, leather or velvet. Ultimately, a new rule applies here: Everything that ladies like and makes them feel good is allowed and is considered trendy! If you are particularly interested in fashion, you can read more about the trends for spring and summer 2022 here.

The turtleneck is popular again!

Frauenmode 202122 Rollkragenpulli aus den 90ern ist wieder modern aus groser grauer Wolle gestrickt

2) Old fashion patterns are now making their big comeback!

Current trends are similar to 90s fashion in the sense that they mimick the silhouettes and patterns of the time. Yes, if you think your old black blouse with white polka dots is old-fashioned, you’re wrong. Checks, stripes and animal prints, even ethnic patterns will experience a real revival in the coming year. Incidentally, this also applies to the interior, where, among other things, floral wallpapers are celebrating a big comeback. You can be very brave when combining different patterns. For example, petite women can put together playful floral patterns and filigree dots. Strong women also wear mixed old patterns, for example polka dots with large flowers is a striking combination for them. You also play with the length and width of the clothes. Surely you can remember the popular maxi skirts from the 90s? These are in demand again in the new year. But mini-dresses, tight trousers and wide Bermuda shorts are again very much in vogue.

Flounces are currently spicing up every outfit.

Frauenmode 202122 junge Frau hellblaue Bluse mit Volants im Lavendelfeld

3) A large variety of colors will dominate women’s fashion in 2022

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to current color combinations in women’s fashion in 2022. There is a magnificent variety of colors here. The preferred colors are strong and even gaudy. Now you can combine blue and purple or wear a dark green flower with a red skirt. The tone-on-tone outfits are a thing of the past, you want something eye-catching that immediately attracts everyone’s attention. However, if you like neutral tones, you can choose jewelry or accessories in bold colors. In this case, they serve more as exciting accents that give the outfit the finishing touch. It is important that you feel comfortable in your outfit and have a new sense of yourself. It is precisely this great variety of colors that exudes a new zest for life and more optimism. And that’s exactly what we all need in the post-corona period, isn’t it?

As you can see, women’s fashion 2022 comes from our desires and needs and has to take us to new horizons where we can lead a carefree and happy life. Take courage and experiment with styles, colors and fabrics and bring your individuality to the fore!

A woman always has to look elegant and beautiful, right?

Frauenmode 202122 junge Frau im dunkelroten Kleid ohne Armel lachelt schon elegant aussehen

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