In which subject do you have to graduate?

In which subject do you have to graduate?

Course selection and contribution obligations In the compulsory area, you have to take and contribute the subjects math and German in all four HJs. You also have to take religion or ethics, as well as history + social studies, for all 4 HJ, but only the 3 best are counted in the Abitur calculation.

In which subjects do you have to do Abitur to study medicine?

As a high school graduate, it is appropriate to have at least a rough idea of ​​the future you aspire to. If you would like to study medicine, then chemistry and biology are particularly interesting for you. If you don’t like chemistry, you can limit yourself to biology.

What grades do I need in order to pass?

The Abitur grade is divided into two parts: How many points must be achieved in order to pass the Abitur overall? At least 200 of the 600 possible points must be achieved in order to be admitted to the Abitur examinations, and another 100 points more to pass the Abitur!

Is math compulsory in high school?

Three subjects are tested in writing and two are oral. A natural science or a foreign language and a social science subject such as politics or geography are required. In addition, math, German and the new, selectable advanced subject are compulsory.

Where do you not have to write a math Abi?

In Bavaria it is definitely not mandatory, you only have to take a mathematical and scientific subject in the Abitur, including chemistry or biology.

What kind of average do you need to graduate from high school in Lower Saxony?

At least 300 points must be achieved from the possible 900 – this then corresponds to a score of 4.0.

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