What do I have to consider with the first aid kit?

The first aid kit is not a part that you can take with you in the car if you wish: It is a legal requirement that you carry it with you – just like its content. If you get into a police check, they often check whether there is a first-aid kit on board. There are also controls that only take place for this.

Many drivers have a first aid kit with them, but it is often expired. Anyone who thinks that there is only a “best before” date for food is wrong: First aid kits are allowed too only until a certain date be used. If the police come across an “expired” box, it’s as if you didn’t have one with you. You should therefore do this regularly – at least once a year Check the expiry date of the first aid kit. The date is on the outside of the packaging. Heat and cold have an effect on the stickiness of the adhesive plaster.

Section 35h of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) stipulates that a first-aid kit must be carried. DIN 13164 regulates what must be in the first aid kit. A table of contents is always included.

  • 1 adhesive plaster with the dimensions 5 mx 2.5 cm DIN 13019-A
  • 8 adhesive bandages, each 10 cm x 6 cm DIN 13019-E
  • 3 bandages 8 x 10 cm DIN 13151-M
  • 1 first aid kit 10 x 12 cm DIN 13051-G
  • 2 bandages for burn wounds DIN 13125-BR
  • 1 bandage 60 x 80 cm DIN 13152-A
  • 6 pads 100mm x 100mm
  • 1 rescue blanket with the minimum dimensions 2.1 mx 1.6, minimum foil thickness 12 µm
  • 2 fixation bandages DIN 61634-FB 6 or gauze bandages DIN 61631-MB-6 CV/CO
  • 3 fixation bandages DIN 61634-FB 8 or gauze bandages DIN 61631-MB-8 CV/CO
  • 2 triangular towels DIN 13168-D
  • 1 scissors DIN 58279 A 145
  • 4 disposable gloves DIN EN 455-1 and DIN EN 455-2
  • 1 first aid brochure as instructions for the first aid case

If you have everything on board and the first aid kit has not expired, the journey can begin. Basically you are there police checks on the safe side, but it is much more important that you properly administer first aid to accidents can. Also, a handy side benefit of carrying a first aid kit is that you can also treat minor injuries can, for example on a trip with children. Band-aids or a bandage can be very helpful not only in traffic accidents but also in the event of cuts or similar injuries!

First aid kit and warning triangle are not always included with new cars! So when you buy a new or used car, make sure you have everything you need with you.


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