Is a cover letter important?

Is a cover letter important?

A correct cover letter still helps with the application And 41 percent of HR managers believe that cover letters convey a more complete picture of applicants, while a third estimate that they contain in-depth details about work experience.

Are cover letters still up to date?

Application letters are a relic of the past. Deutsche Bahn has shown the way: From autumn, prospective trainees no longer have to apply with a cover letter. A wise decision that was long overdue. The classic one-page document is neither contemporary nor does it offer any added value.

What does an application by email include?

What should be included in an application by email? An application by email must always contain a cover letter, your résumé and all necessary and important certificates. It corresponds to the scope of the classic application.

How do I create an online application?

Do not send the application photo individually, but include it in a cover sheet or in the résumé. Do not send your online application to general e-mail addresses such as, but inquire about the e-mail address of the person responsible for the application.

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