Is initiation dangerous?

Is initiation dangerous?

Pros and cons of inducing labor The main risk is that the placenta can no longer properly nourish it. There may also be slightly more infections in the uterus or unexpected complications during childbirth. There are fewer risks for the pregnant woman.

How long to wait before giving birth?

Almost all children are born three or four weeks after the calculated due date. If a baby is still not born, the risk of stillbirth increases. Such late births are rare, however, since they are initiated in almost all women no later than two weeks after the due date.

How can a birth be induced?

If the contractions do not start, the pregnant woman is given an antibiotic and after 24 hours at the latest, the birth is induced with medication. Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter is inserted into the pregnant woman’s vagina, which presses on the cervix. This mechanical method can induce labor.

How long can you go beyond the due date?

From a medical point of view, one day after the calculated date (40+1 weeks of pregnancy) is a missed deadline, from two weeks after the date (42+0 weeks of pregnancy) it is a transmission. True transmission, i.e. a pregnancy that lasts longer than 42 weeks, is very rare.

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