Jack Morrow

Jack Morrow – A Retired United States Air Force Pilot

Jack Morrow is a retired United States Air Force pilot. Throughout his service he piloted a KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft providing critical aerial refueling capabilities both domestically and abroad.

He is an award-nominated author renowned for writing imaginative books with fantastical elements such as This is the Way the World Ends or his GODHEAD trilogy series, both of which were nominated for Nebula awards and address big topics with ease.

Early Life and Education

Jack Morrow hails from Palm Beach, Florida and began his professional fishing career by cleaning boats for pocket change. Since then, he has fished around the world as well as acting as stand-in captain for Greg Garvey; thus meeting many high profile figures in the process.

He also participated in exhibitions hosted by the Belfast Art Society and entered several pieces into oireachtas exhibition. Additionally, Craftworkers Ltd, a church decorating co-operative he was associated with was another avenue of interest – Craftworkers also allowed for him to enter an artistic career through being its shareholder.

He was an esteemed husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who delighted in sailing – passing this passion along to his family. Additionally, he enjoyed reading extensively and was a dedicated member of Sewickley United Methodist Church.

Professional Career

Jack Morrow has extensive experience in the real estate industry and specializes in Mid Atlantic markets. As an accomplished leader, he works closely with his clients to provide top-tier service.

Jack brings an extensive background in film & television to every project, offering engaging content to his clients and offering valuable creative input on any given assignment. As part of a team environment, his expertise makes him invaluable.

He is survived by daughters and sons-in-law Jackie Root (Scott), Lisa Goodwin (Tim), Dawna Morrow and her two grandchildren Josh Goodwin (Candice), Emily Root, Kean Goodwin, Brittany Moore, Amanda Morrow Daniel Seth Spencer Moore of Gwinn, Lucas Seth as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Morrow is a highly esteemed military historian and professor, having published eight works (author or co-author) that have earned awards. Additionally, he is active in local community affairs by serving on the boards of organizations like UP200 Sled Dog Association, Forsyth Snowmobile Club and Jack Pine Mushers.

He has long been known for his expertise at cribbage and has passed it onto his family. Additionally, he enjoys watching sports at Moraine State Park as well as sailing.

At present, he serves as manager of operations at Bearing Chain & Supply Inc, an Industrial Machinery & Equipment company. With extensive experience in federal regulatory compliance and resource delineation verification/issuance authorization under the Clean Water Act as well as NEPA documentation preparation/interagency coordination, his services can be easily trusted to oversee smooth business operations.

Personal Life

Morrow was a native of western Nebraska’s Sandhills who earned his degree at the University of Nebraska before commissioning into the US Air Force as a KC-135 Stratotanker pilot, providing essential aerial refueling capabilities both stateside and overseas.

Morrow retired from the military and relocated to Sewickley, PA where he established Morrow Marine and pursued his passion for fishing. Competing in numerous international marlin tournaments and catching several world-class fish.

Erich is survived by Ruthann; sons Scott (Christine) and Todd (Susan); granddaughters Kelsey Pfeiffer and Meghan Morrow; as well as seven great-grandchildren. Additionally, he served Deer Valley YMCA Family Camp as both volunteer and board member; many friends will miss him dearly.

Net Worth

John C Morrow is the Director-Financial Accounting at BOK Financial Corp and boasts an estimated net worth of $713,3778. He owns 7,937 shares in the company.

Morrow operates both a ranching business and design/manufacturing firm specializing in stock show tees. He serves as board member for Lewis Cooper Livestock Auction as well as being an active rancher himself. Morrow and his wife Janice reside in Amarillo where they operate their family ranch together.

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