Jack Merritt

Jack Merritt – A Force For Good

Jack Merritt had a beautiful spirit who always stood up for those deemed “underdogs,” according to his father David. He worked at Fishmongers’ Hall prison rehabilitation scheme in central London.

Usman Khan was charged with stabbing him during an attack at London Bridge and an inquest began into his death at Guildhall on 12 April.

Early Life and Education

Jack Merritt was an active member of New Cote Brilliante church where he served as deacon, sang in the male chorus and worked on transportation ministry duties. To support his family he operated various businesses including a moving and hauling service, restaurant and furniture store.

He was one of two victims killed during knifeman Usman Khan’s rampage at Fishmongers’ Hall and London Bridge, the other being Saskia Jones, 23, who worked alongside Merritt as part of Cambridge University prison initiative Learning Together.

Hughes Hall and the Institute of Criminology have established a scholarship fund in his name at Hughes Hall and Institute of Criminology to assist those with less-than-smooth pathways into higher education. Peter Quinn generously contributed funds towards its creation.

Professional Career

Anne Merritt spoke at the inquest into Jack Merritt’s death by Usman Khan – later shot dead by police on London Bridge – who she described as an activist with strong moral values and who killed Jack in London Bridge terror attack. Anne described him as having “beautiful spirit”. Jack was fatally stabbed by Usman Khan before police shot and killed Usman Khan after Usman fled London Bridge before police shot and killed himself on London Bridge.

Joining the Army as a private in 1952, he eventually reached four-star rank. In his field artillery command at every level and as representative to NATO Military Committee he earned many accolades, such as outstanding grades at officer candidate school and Artillery Advance Course as well as memberships to Army War College and Command and General Staff College.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Merritt, 25, was one of two victims killed in Friday’s London Bridge terror attack. A University of Cambridge graduate and course coordinator with the Institute of Criminology’s Learning Together program which focused on prisoner rehabilitation.

His father described him as having a beautiful spirit who always stood up for those less fortunate, adding that telling the other son about the attack was one of the hardest tasks he ever had to complete.

Rapper Dave also paid his respects to Merritt and Saskia Jones, 23 and 24 respectively, who were tragically killed during an event held at Fishmongers’ Hall by 28-year-old Usman Khan during a conference promoting reintegration for prisoners back into society. Peter Quinn established a scholarship fund in their memory.

Personal Life

Jack Merritt was an influential force and upheld strong moral standards, according to his mother. She also noted that Jack’s death should not be used as an excuse for introducing more stringent sentences for criminals.

Saskia Jones was 23 and volunteering with this course when both of them were fatally attacked at Fishmongers Hall near London Bridge by Usman Khan on Friday evening at an event aimed at connecting graduate students with prisoners to study criminology. Usman Khan has since been arrested on terror charges for this attack and later confessed his crime in court. Saskia Jones died as well.

Friends remembered him as an enthusiastic supporter of prisoner rehabilitation. Dave, the musician whose Mercury Prize-winning album was inspired by rehabilitation therapy his brother received while in jail, described him as the best person they’d ever met; in turn, his parents donated funds to establish a scholarship in his name at Hughes Hall and the Institute of Criminology.

Net Worth

Jack Merritt was a 25-year-old Cambridge University graduate who was fatally stabbed along with fellow student Saskia Jones at last week’s London Bridge attack. They had both attended a prisoner rehabilitation event organized by Learning Together at Fishmongers Hall when 28-year-old Usman Khan opened fire on them with an assault rifle.

David Merritt, father of one of the victims, expressed his anguish after witnessing his son’s brutal murder at the hands of police. Additionally, he expressed anger towards politicians for using his son’s death to push an agenda of hate against Muslims.

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