Jessica Kent Net Worth

Jessica Kent Net Worth – How Much Is Jessica Kent Worth?

Jessica Kent is an esteemed American YouTube Star best known for her entertaining vlogs covering beauty, funny, and challenge topics.

She specializes in prison reform and mental health/addiction recovery advocacy work; working closely with Bryan Bruton regarding R. Kelly’s criminal charges.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Kent is a popular YouTube personality who primarily uses her channel to discuss her experience as a recovering meth addict. Over 1 million subscribers follow Jessica’s journey from addiction, prison, and back into regular life on YouTube.

She was born in the United States on 15 September 1989 with an auspicious life path number 6.

Kent spent five years behind bars after her boyfriend robbed a gas station to cover drug debts owed. While in jail, she gave birth to Micah. This traumatic experience propelled her into prison reform and mental health advocacy roles – eventually earning her bachelor’s degree in correctional program support services and working on her autobiography while collaborating with other YouTubers on topics such as singer R. Kelly’s criminal charges.

Professional Career

Jessica Kent has made it her mission to channel her greatest passions into successful businesses. To this end, she began uploading videos on YouTube about her life experiences – these have attracted widespread attention online, earning her the status of being known as a popular YouTube Star.

She holds an Executive Coaching certification through ICF-PCC and facilitates Dare to Lead programs. Working closely with C-suite and senior leaders, she offers outcome-focused executive coaching programs as well as team effectiveness programs for teams.

Kent is the mother to Micah, whom she met while serving a five year sentence for meth and heroin drug trafficking. Overcoming addiction led to custody being awarded and she now leads a fulfilling lifestyle that serves as an example to viewers of her show.

Achievement and Honors

Kent is an advocate for prison reform, mental health care, and addiction recovery. She has shared her experiences publicly to prevent others from experiencing trauma as she did.

Her YouTube videos have been watched over 215,000 times and she has amassed an ardent fan base she dubbed her ride or die crew. Their followers frequently share stories of crime, prison time, and custody battles in the comments sections of her videos.

She currently resides in California with her daughter and has an estimated net worth between $1 Million and $5 Million dollars, the majority of her earnings coming from YouTuber. While her personal life remains private, she does not speak much about relationships or whether they exist.

Personal Life

Jessica Kent is an American YouTuber who chronicles her life experiences and journey into recovery on YouTube. Additionally, she regularly uploads other entertaining content like vlogs, beauty tips and challenges on her channel.

Her prison experience inspired her to become an advocate for prisoners as well as those struggling with addiction, mental health issues and substance abuse. She has spoken at various conferences and events in order to raise awareness for these causes.

Kent has overcome her past difficulties to create a prosperous life for herself and Micah. Currently residing in Illinois with her fiance Reece whom they have been dating for some time but prefer keeping private regarding their love life – they even share a beautiful daughter together! Kent remains contented in her relationship.

Net Worth

Kent has amassed over 215,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and created an uplifting community of support online. Fans share their own experiences of addiction, crime, prison time, custody battles and custody arrangements in the comments. People know each other by name and provide valuable feedback about everything from hairstyle to how she raises her daughters.

She is an advocate for prison reform and mental health and substance use recovery. After being released from prison, Kent overcame heroin addiction, secured custody of her daughter and built a new life for herself in Chicago where she now resides full-time as a YouTube star. Kent currently lives with both children she shares custody with and her long-term boyfriend Reece – they’ve been together six years; planning their wedding together.

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