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Kitchen in the attic – indispensable in everyday life and designed to be super practical

Even when designing a modern attic apartment, you have to plan enough space for the kitchen. We all know from our own experience how indispensable the kitchen is in our everyday life. The kitchen is always at your disposal for a tasty breakfast in the morning or a refreshing cup of coffee in the afternoon, for the preparation of every meal or a romantic dinner for two. Its practical aspect is not discussed here. But also from an aesthetic point of view, the Kitchen in the attic Be competitive with other rooms there, for example the living room / bedroom / bathroom in the attic. The roof kitchen has to exude comfort and feel incredibly familiar. If that were possible, we want to prove it to you in the next few lines and show it with some meaningful picture examples.

Küche auf dem Dachboden

A modern kitchen in the attic that is equipped with the best kitchen appliances

If it weren’t for the skylight, we wouldn’t even assume this kitchen is in the attic! It is very modern and equipped with the best kitchen technology. The right lighting has also been thought of in advance. We just want to add that every woman would love to cook in this kitchen!

dachboden küche landhaus weiß

Modern kitchenettes are ideal for a rustic interior on the top floor.

Here you can see a very cozy kitchen that is integrated into a rustic interior. Elements from different furnishing styles have been skilfully combined there. A modern kitchenette is right in front of our eyes, but all around there is a lot of rustic charm and a wonderful brick wall. Exposed roof beams and open wall shelves complete the look!

Küche Dachgeschoss Küche Idee

Exposed wooden beams give this modern kitchen a lot of extra charm

Exposed wooden beams can add so much to the overall look of your roof kitchen. Our tip here would be: choose your kitchen appliances, countertops and the wall and floor tiles so that everything corresponds well with the beams! This little kitchen in the attic is a good example of how to design everything in harmony.

Küche auf dem Dachboden ideen

With the limited space in the attic, you shouldn’t stumble into setting up a modern small kitchen there

In every attic apartment, compromises sometimes have to be made, mainly because of the limited living space, but that can only be positive! Take a look at this lovely kitchen that looks so cozy and practical and is designed in a very cramped area. Amazing and beautiful at the same time!

moderne Küche auf dem Dachboden rote Hocher Kücheninsel

Red highs on the kitchen island make a clear statement: anything would be possible in the roof kitchen!

If you could have bar stools in an attic kitchen, assume that anything is possible there. These cool red stools make a clear statement in this unconventional kitchen interior and show that modernity is at home here!

Küche Dachschräge

A nice, small and very bright attic apartment includes a modern kitchen

We love the way this kitchen opens up. Here you can forget all your worries about not having enough “free space” over your head. In this roof kitchen, however, you have a long kitchenette, which means a lot of work space! This room is ideal for amateur cooks and gourmets who like to live in a beautiful and bright attic apartment.

T förmige Küche auf dem Dachboden

A T-shaped kitchen on the top floor exudes a lot of comfort

dachboden einrichtungsstil essbereich küche weiß möbel

This T-shaped roof kitchen with integrated dining area reveals your creative thinking and practical flair

Dachboden Küche Design Ideen

Use every free space wisely and design the best possible kitchen in a limited space, here with plenty of storage space and an open wall shelf

Dachbodenausbau Küche und Wohnraum

Small but nice. Very often one has modest demands in the attic

Eine Küche im Dachgeschoss modern ideen

The spacious attic apartment includes a modern kitchen

kücheneinrichtung mansarde dachschräge deko ideen

A roof kitchen lit by daylight

Dachwohnung Küche auf dem Dachboden

This all-white interior is really very bright

Küche Mit Dachschräge Küche Dachgeschoss

The attic apartment is becoming more and more popular because you don’t miss anything there

Dachausbau Ideen für die Küche

Built-in kitchen lighting is the best solution in the roof kitchen

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