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Kokatsu – Japanese style bed design

Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in a cozy bed all Sunday? It can actually get better with multifunctional Japanese-style furniture. The so-called Kokatsu is a bed design with a built-in heat source. For those days when you don’t want to get out of bed, this Japanese invention makes many dreams come true. Would you like to find out more about it now?

What distinguishes this bed design?

At first glance, this cleverly designed construction consists of a large ceiling and a low table frame that serves as a tabletop. Lots of items can be ready to hand on it – something to snack on and a cup of tea or coffee, your favorite book, the remote control or the laptop.

Kokatsu construction heat source table top

the construction consists of a built-in heat source under the low table and an oversized ceiling

So you could work quietly and comfortably from your bed. In addition to the comfort of the seat, the day bed is also included a heat source that constantly maintains a pleasantly warm temperature for the person sitting. Are the Feet warm, so you stay hole body.

Clever bed design Sitting and sleeping comfort

Cleverly thought-out bed design ensures maximum seating and sleeping comfort

Made in Japan as early as the 17th century, the invention is still used today as a popular piece of seating furniture during winter. Wrapped in an electric blanket, you would not need any additional heating source in both a small and a large room.

Japanese Kokatsu fan heater built in

The small table with fan heater enchants us and offers hours of relaxation

We all know Japanese-style food. Asians place great value on community: since the past to this day, family and friends have been gathering to eat together, to play board games, and even to take a nap. This is why the Kokatsus are built so generously.

Bed design relax Heizquelle traditionally Japanese

The kokatsu is used as the primary heating source in traditional Japanese homes

The look of Kokatsu has of course changed over the years. There are modern variants that imitate the western sofas. Traditional Kokatsus are big enough to accommodate all members of the family. The generated heat is retained under the blanket and keeps your feet warm all evening long.

Bed design heat source Japanese equipment

Modern variants of Kokatsu are transportable, they are called oki-gotatsu

Often you can hardly wait to lie down on the sofa after a hectic day at work. The pull of such an electric blanket would be even stronger. We assume that the Japanese-style electric blanket will instantly transform itself into a favorite piece of furniture in every home.

Effective heating system seating comfort quilted tablecloth

Effective heating system with cozy seating comfort for the cold season

Electric blanket traditionally Asian interior style

Kokatsu instead of a side table and sofa in an Asian-inspired interior

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