Liam Cushing

Liam Cushing

Liam Cushing is a fashion film director based out of London and Milan, who has found work with companies and creative teams such as Nike, Dazed Media, Sandro-Paris, Hugo Boss and MSGM.

He is survived by his mother, Charlene Singer of Boca Raton; as well as by his sister Kimberly Hurley and her husband JM.

Early Life and Education

Liam Cushing began his London/NYC fashion film career when he interned with Art Partner photography agency in 2010. Since then he has assisted renowned photographers like Mario Testino. As his evocative visual style became known across leading brands such as Sandro Paris, Mango, Hugo Boss Valentino and Off White he gained high profile work contracts.

Liam first became popularized in the US through One Direction’s member Liam Payne and Irish actor Liam Neeson, where it quickly rose into one of the top three boys’ names by 2014 before reaching number one status by 2017. Liam is also making waves across other nations such as Germany, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland.

This popular name means “helmet of will” in Irish and can invoke images of strong-willed warriors. Variations on this theme include William, Gwilym, Lyahm and Uilleam in Wales; Guillaumes, Guillermos Claudels Willems in France and Lienna Wilhelmina Iliana from Germany.

Professional Career

Liam Cushing has built up an outstanding international career working with luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Sandro Paris and Valentino – earning his world-class resume and high-profile collaborations alongside these names alone. However, his impressive international renown and success did not come easily; due to his masterful ability to blend technology with human emotion he creates stunning visuals which provoke powerful responses in viewers.

Liam Cushing is a London/NYC fashion film director and photographer renowned for his striking visual style. His clients have included Nike, Dazed, Hugo Boss, Mango, MSGM Sandro Paris Valentino. Liam earned an international reputation assisting photographers like Mario Testino before discovering his unique aesthetic that quickly garnered him respect as an artist of distinction.

Achievement and Honors

Cushing has gained international renown as an expert craftsman. His impressive portfolio of high-profile collaborations with fashion houses like Jimmy Choo, Off White and Valentino as well as music icons like UK indie rock band Glass Animals bear testament to his incomparable instincts and skills as a welder/craftsman/creative visionary. Cushing’s ability to marry technology with human emotion has resulted in an impressive and lucrative career which remains driven by creative expression alone.

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Personal Life

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Liam’s unique visual style has garnered him high-profile assignments with fashion clients like Nike, Dazed & Sandro Paris, Hugo Boss, Mango and MSGM. His international renown rests heavily on his ability to combine technology with human emotion to elicit powerful responses from viewers. He is survived by Penye and their five children as well as their grandchildren Cody Preston, Amanda and Melissa McKim, Chad Cushing (Macayla Cushing), Tyler, Brent & Emily Kasner among many more!

Net Worth

Liam Cushing currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $28 Million, gained through his acting career. He most notably played Josh Taylor on Neighbours and Marcus in children’s television show The Elephant Princess.

Leonie Hemsworth, his mother, works as an English teacher while his father Craig Hemsworth, works in social services counseling. Chris and Luke Hemsworth – two older brothers of Chris, are also actors.

Liam Hemsworth is an amazingly gifted young actor with a bright future ahead of him. Through hard work and determination he has already accomplished much during his short acting career. Hemsworth has participated in various charity events and serves as an excellent example for other emerging actors. Furthermore, Hemsworth boasts an irresistibly charming persona and captivating presence which immediately grab people’s attention wherever he goes.

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