Lina Hidalgo Net Worth

Lina Hidalgo Net Worth – How Much Is Lina Hidalgo Worth?

Lina Hidalgo serves as the County Judge of Harris County in Texas and is widely-renowned in politics for her exemplary work in this capacity.

She boasts an impressive net worth, due to both her career achievements and charitable initiatives.

Hidalgo is currently single and prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight and paparazzi’s gaze.

Early Life and Education

Lina Hidalgo was born in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city. At an early age due to gang violence she and her family left Bogota and relocated first to Peru and Mexico City before eventually making Houston, Texas their final stop in 1991.

Hidalgo attended Seven Lakes High School in Katy and later graduated with a political science degree from Stanford University in 2013. While at Stanford, she interned with an NGO focused on press freedom while volunteering as a Spanish translator at Ben Taub Hospital.

Hidalgo currently remains unmarried and prefers not to discuss her private life or relationships in front of media. Instead, her focus lies on her career rather than dating.

Professional Career

Lina Hidalgo has earned fame as a politician known for her outstanding public service work and award-winning academic accomplishments at several renowned US universities.

As mayor of Chicago, she is known for her progressive policies and efforts to combat climate change. Additionally, she strongly advocates for immigrant rights. During the COVID-19 pandemic her proactive response was both praised and criticized, yet demonstrated her dedication to public health.

She currently serves as County Judge in Harris County, Texas and defeated Ed Emmett to win election, becoming both first Latina and youngest person ever elected. Her duties include setting tax rates, approving budgets and maintaining public services.

Achievement and Honors

Lina Hidalgo is an outstanding public figure who has established herself in politics as a county judge in Harris County. As such, she has taken several proactive measures to protect the people living within its boundaries while at the same time advocating immigrant rights and combatting climate change.

Lina Maria Hidalgo was born February 19, 1991 in Bogota, Colombia of Latin-American heritage. At five years old she relocated with her family to Peru and Mexico City before eventually relocating to Houston, Texas, USA.

She became the first woman and youngest person ever elected as county judge in 2018, beating out incumbent Ed Emmett by nearly 200 votes.

Personal Life

Lina Hidalgo prefers to keep her personal life private and isn’t open about dating status or relationships; she prefers focusing on work instead.

She was born 19 February 1991 in Bogota, Colombia and moved with her family to Houston when she was fifteen. After graduating from Seven Lakes High School in Katy ISD she worked as a medical interpreter at the Texas Medical Center; afterwards she went back to Thailand to study free speech rights before returning to America to enroll in a joint master’s/juris doctor program at both New York University Law and Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

She became Harris County Judge in 2018, becoming both the youngest person and first Latina to hold this office. Her accomplishments and dedication have garnered her both praise and criticism; some alleging she prioritizes her political agenda over constituent needs.

Net Worth

Lina Hidalgo made history when she became the first Latina and first female County Judge ever elected in 2018. Electing against Ed Emmett for this honorable office in 2018, her salary as County Judge now totals an annual sum of $190,861.

Lina’s parents immigrated to America so their children would receive an education. Lina attended Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas before enrolling at Stanford University to study political science. Lina is now part of the Democratic Party.

Lina Hidalgo prefers to keep her personal and romantic life private, currently being single and focused solely on her career. Additionally, she is an active social activist having taken part in various philanthropic activities. Lina’s dedication to public service and pursuit of her goals have allowed her to achieve great success in politics and law.

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