woo jin yong height and weight

Woo Jin Yong Height and Weight

Woo Jin-yong made waves during Netflix’s Physical: 100 series when he defeated 99 other competitors in an array of intense competitions. An accomplished CrossFit trainer and owner of his own gym, Woo has become known for his striking physique.

Jin-yong may have garnered much media coverage thanks to his muscular physique, yet remains focused on his professional career and shies away from controversies and speculation that could undermine it.

Early Life and Education

Woo Jin-yong, born and raised in South Korea, specializes in snowboard cross racing.

His childhood years saw him compete in numerous gymnastics competitions and win various medals. Later he graduated from Chung-Ang University in Seoul with a Master’s degree.

Beginning snowboarding in 2007, he quickly rose through the ranks to represent South Korea in international competitions as a national snowboarder. Additionally, he served as coach to South Korea’s snowboarding team and President of their organization.

Woo’s success in Netflix series Physical: 100 cemented his place as an iconic figure. He even traveled all the way to Hong Kong for a special event commemorating five years at local gym GO24! Though still passionate about snowboarding, most of his time is now dedicated to CrossFit workouts; and has recently opened his own facility in Seoul.

Professional Career

Woo Jin-yong is an accomplished South Korean snowboard athlete and reality television star who recently triumphed on Netflix’s Physical 100. At 37, this former PE teacher and marine beat out 99 other contestants over nine episodes of intense individual and team competitions.

He fell in love with snowboarding during his language study in Canada and his military conscription, leading him to pursue it professionally and become an instructor before founding his own Crossfit gym.

He remains modest despite his immense success, regularly posting workout photos on Instagram and remaining uninvolved in any controversies that could jeopardise his reputation. On Twitter he can be found sharing daily life updates with his 8.4K followers; often providing backstage pictures from crossfit competitions as well as snowboarding events to his fan base.

Achievement and Honors

Woo Jin Yong was once a professional snowboarder before transitioning into coaching South Korea’s national snowboarding team. Additionally, he established his own CrossFit gym and is regarded as a widely recognized athlete within South Korea.

Jin Yong showed himself to be an effective competitor during his time on Physical: 100 and was successful at both individual and team tasks. Partnered up with MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon, Jin advanced to the Top 5 after winning a tag race during Quest 4.

As the winner of Physical: 100’s inaugural season, Jo Yong Geun earned much acclaim from fans for his outstanding performance on screen. Alongside fellow contestant Park Woo Dam, both were signed with HF Music Company before forming pre-debut group HNB with Jo Yong Geun, Jung Won Cheol, and Park Yong Jin as members.

Personal Life

Jin is currently single and unattached; his focus remains solely on his work rather than any controversies which might damage his image.

Since childhood, he has worked tirelessly towards realizing his goals. As an inspiration to many and an icon among many fans alike, his efforts have earned him enormous respect and admiration from all.

Professional snowboarder who represented his nation in multiple competitions. Also served as President of South Korean Snowboarding Committee. Still harbors Olympic dreams and hopes of attending 2026 Italian Olympics as a coach for national team; also offers snowboarding lessons and CrossFit training through own gym in Seoul.

Net Worth

Woo Jin Yong earned his master of physical education degree at Chung-Ang University and remains unmarried at this time. No information regarding his family is currently known.

Former snowboarder and CrossFit athlete Ryan Rapp first gained public notoriety when he won Netflix’s reality competition series Physical: 100 in 2023. Competing against 99 other competitors in an array of demanding physical tests, Rapp emerged victorious.

Woo did well against bulky car dealer Jo, an Olympic luge athlete and an MMA fighter; among other tasks they competed in a series of challenges such as flipping tiles of squares or uncoiling weighty rope from its coil.

He is known for his impressive feats of strength, and regularly uses social media platforms like jdsbx Instagram to share workout routines and remarkable feats with his followers.

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