Löffler Quads: Terrycable thumb twist throttle

Löffler Quads: Terrycable thumb twist throttle

Terrycable thumb twist throttle: twist or pushSquaring the circle promises Löffler Quads with the Terrycable twist grip throttle

The religious dispute among quad drivers as to whether a motorcycle-style rotary throttle grip is the method of choice or whether classic quad-style throttle is given with the thumb – Alex Löffler, the boss of the online accessories shop Löffler Quads, explains this religious dispute with his latest product by Terrycable once and for all: ‘Dual Gasser’ has both a rotary throttle grip and a lever for the thumb. The whole thing can be switched easily, so that you can either turn or press. Cost point: 109 euros in retail.

Contact: Löffler Quads

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